How to Clean Your Home like a Pro: Tips from Professional Cleaners

How to Clean Your Home like a Pro: Tips from Professional Cleaners
By: Brittany Satterfield

It’s hard to beat a professionally cleaned home! Having maids come in to do your household chores is a luxury that everyone should experience, at least once. With cleaners, you’ll have a home that shines, as well as more time to do the things you love.

Sometimes, however, those house cleaning duties land on your shoulders instead. Maybe you’ve got guests coming or are thinking about Spring cleaning? Whatever the reason(s), when you’re stuck with doing the scrubbing yourself, check out these tips for cleaning your home like a pro:

Tidy First

Regardless of what type of space it is, it’s easier to clean when everything is in its appointed place. Tidy up a room before you start to clean it. Don’t wipe around that plate! Move that magazine before you dust! Picking your items up and putting them away leaves you with clear surfaces and floors to scrub and scour. 

It’s faster and easier to wipe down clear surfaces, and it will leave your home more sanitary, too.Don’t be afraid to assess your belongings to determine if they’re still needed, or can be donated or disposed of.

Establish a Cleaning Pattern  

Patterns are the secret weapon of all cleaning pros. Set a pattern for each room to give it an unbeatable clean and not miss a single thing in need of a scrub. Patterns also help prevent you from succumbing to the “I don’t know where to start” angst that attacks everyone sometimes. The pattern tells you where to begin, and what to do next.

Clean from Top to Bottom

If you vacuum first and dust last, all the dirt you wiped away ends up on your newly cleaned carpet. Instead, start at the top of the room, with high shelves, curtain rods, and the ledges above door frames, and work your way down to the floor. 

After you’ve dusted, scrubbed, polished, decluttered, and otherwise wiped your rooms down, your vacuum and mop can make a grand debut. This cleaning approach ensures your vacuum and mop pick up all the dirt that fell down, giving your floors a true clean.

Apply Cleaning Products and Allow them to Work 

You’ll save time and effort when it comes to scrubbing if you let your cleaning products do the heavy lifting. Apply them first, then walk away to do other tasks. When you return to do the physical part of the cleaning, it will be significantly faster and easier to perform.

Your Walls and Ceilings Need Love, too

Take a good look at your walls. Are there handprints where everyone leans over to pick up trash that missed the can? Do your kids love to run their hands over the walls in the hallway? Have industrious spiders decorated your ceilings? Whatever the culprit, cleaning your walls and ceilings gives your home a professional sparkle.

Don’t Forget Your Baseboards

Dirt and dust love to collect in the ridges of your baseboards. It’s such a constant issue that many people stop noticing. You’ll quickly recognize the difference after wiping them down, though, and your house will look like an expert cleaner has been there.

Vacuum Your Furniture 

Crumbs happen. So does pet hair, dirt, and dust. Give your furniture the once-over with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to make it look like new. This includes couches, chairs, and even lampshades.

Polish Appliances 

Want your kitchen to sparkle? Shine up those appliances! Your mixer, toaster, and stove will have never looked so good after a complete wipe down with an appropriate polish..


It’s worth the effort to give your home a professional clean, but you can save yourself time by letting the real experts at eMaids do the work for you. Book your cleaning today!

May 11, 2023
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