10 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Premium Cleaning Service in Exton PA

10 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Premium Cleaning Service in Exton
10 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Premium Cleaning Service in Exton PA
By: Emaids

There are numerous cleaning services available in Exton and nearby communities, so it can be a challenge to pick the best one for your home. A hasty decision may waste money and cause frustration. Knowing which factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company will result in a satisfactory choice.  The following factors will help you choose and be satisfied with your professional cleaning service.

#1 Know Your Wants and Needs

Instead of quickly scanning advertisements or websites, make a list of the qualities you desire in a cleaning service.  Decide if you need a one-time general cleaning or regular, ongoing service.  Consider making a list of areas that need attention and think about your expectations.  You may also want to decide what type of chemicals and cleaning procedures you are comfortable with.  After thinking through your wants and needs, compare the services offered by various companies. Some services may be included in the cleaning, while some may require an extra fee.

#2 Know Who Supplies the Cleaning Products

Most cleaning companies provide their own supplies and products.  However, it is always wise to verify that detail when choosing a cleaning service.  Even if the company is providing the supplies and products, you may want to determine what types of products they use, especially if you desire products that are non-toxic or low VOC (volatile organic compounds). Many companies today implement cleaning practices that are environmentally friendly.  If this aspect is important to you, make sure you verify with the company.

#3 Be Prepared to Answer Questions About Your Home

Besides knowing which areas to clean, a cleaning company also needs to know several other details. They will need to know if you have pets and where the pets will be located during the scheduled cleaning.  Further, they will need to know if you desire extra cleaning in relation to your pets, such as cleaning litter boxes and pet hair on furniture.

Other details may include communicating if any items such as heirlooms or valuables are not to be touched.  It is best to clearly communicate your desires and document them as part of your cleaning contract.  Finally, be sure to express if there are rooms or areas that you do not want to be cleaned.

#4 Consider the Price

If you plan to compare cleaning services, the price will be the main point of comparison. Be sure to compare not only the price but also the services offered.  Some companies may include services that, at a different company, require an extra fee.  Additionally, some companies may offer an introductory rate but will increase their rate substantially over time.  Look for a company that offers the best overall value for your money.

#5 Research Company References and Reviews

In addition to comparing the fees of various cleaning companies, you also want to obtain references and read reviews.  A company should provide references when asked.  Talking to current and previous clients will help you determine if most customers are satisfied with the service.  Reading online reviews will also help you see if the company has a positive reputation.

#6 Make Sure the Company is Licensed and Insured

Reputable residential cleaning service companies should be licensed and insured and should be able to provide proof of their credentials.  Professional cleaners will also conduct background checks on their employees.  If you are unsure about their hiring practices, ask the company directly before hiring them. Our licensed and insured cleaning company is available to serve clients in Exton and the surrounding Philadelphia metro area.

#7 Know How Many Cleaners You Will Have

Knowing how many cleaners will be in your home will provide you with an estimate of how long the service will take.  If you would like the cleaning service to take less time, you can request that more cleaners be sent to your home. This is especially helpful if you would like to be present during the cleaning, but do not have a lot of time available.

#8 Tidy Up Your Home

Decluttering your home before the cleaner arrives serves multiple purposes. First, an untidy space takes longer to clean, which may add to the cost. Furthermore, excess clutter may make it difficult for the cleaners to identify problem areas, and they may miss some spaces as a result.  Clutter also increases the risk of the cleaners misplacing or damaging your items. An uncluttered and tidy home will make the cleaning service more effective and efficient.

#9 Don’t clean beforehand

While it is helpful to declutter your home before the cleaning company arrives, there is no need to clean beforehand.  In fact, you would be wasting your time and money by doing so.  Removing boxes, excess papers, toys, and other items will help the cleaners to perform their duties more efficiently.

#10 Know if You Need To Be Present

You may prefer to be present during the entire cleaning appointment. Some cleaning companies may prefer that as well. If you do not need to be present and trust the company to be in your home unattended, make sure you have communicated how they should enter your home for the first cleaning appointment.

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Jul 10, 2021
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