6 Hidden Places In NYC With The Best Views (And Without Crowds)

6 Hidden Places In NYC With The Best Views (And Without Crowds)
By: eMaids of NYC

New York City has plenty to see, but plenty of crowds as well. If you’re visiting the city for a couple of days, or you are a resident who wants to explore it more, you have to visit these hidden gems that definitely will have fewer people and fewer waiting lines. In the next paragraphs, discover six non-touristy things to do in New York.

1. Berlin Wall on Madison Avenue

One of the best-hidden spots in NYC isn’t from New York at all but from an essential part of German history. Near the Museum of Modern Art, you will find a five-panel segment of the famous Berlin Wall, one of the largest fragments that remain in the world. Currently, this precious piece of history is located inside a lobby in 520 Madison Avenue, protected from weather and pollution, and it’s open 24/7 for the general public.

2.  The Morgan Library

If you get overwhelmed by crowds easily, a library might be your best option. Luckily for you, The Morgan Library is one of the best non-touristy things to do in NYC, designed by the renowned architect McKim in a Classical Revival style. The library holds a fantastic collection of books, and it showcases exciting exhibitions.

3.  Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway

The East River offers astonishing views of NYC’s skyscrapers and the spectacular Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. An excellent way to view everything at once is to take the cable car ride on the island with your Metro card. Also, Roosevelt Island has many historic buildings, but if you have to choose, go to the Smallpox Hospital ruins, a gothic revival architecture with a fascinating history of quarantine in NYC.

4.  Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

A hidden gem in Central Park, located specifically in East 74th Street. This statue its a fair representation of the characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, and obviously, Alice. Take a peek, a picture, and post it in your favorite social media.

5.  High Bridge in Harlem

A former aqueduct that transported water from Westchester to Manhattan, High Bridge in Harlem, is nowadays a beautiful attraction for walkers in NYC. Public access to the bridge was canceled in the 70s but reopened thanks to a citizen campaign in 2015. So, be sure to value this bridge and enjoy the view of the city from there.

6.  City Hall Station

Part of NYC’s first subway line, dating back to 1904, the City Hall Station is a gem of its own. Ride the number 6 subway line downtown and stay until the last stop in Brooklyn Bridge. Before the subway returns to the first station, you will pass by the most legendary secret place in NYC. City Hall Station features skylights, Guastavino tile vaults, and Romanesque Revival architecture, and transporting us to the earlier times when there were fewer crowds and more vintage beauty.

How many of these places have you visited? We hope you have a pleasant vacation or day off and that you enjoy the wonders of our city. If you have many cleaning chores to do and fewer free time, contact eMaids of NYC and let us do your cleaning.

Mar 23, 2020
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