6 Insights For Parents As Children go Back to School

6 Insights For Parents As Children go Back to School
By: Emaids

Some months ago, we were wondering, “when do kids go back to school?” Now, we know that some schools are planning on reopening, and we have to take our preventive measures to the classroom and talk with our children regarding safety practices. However, it's normal for children to feel anxious and overwhelmed by the virus and the return to school. The following insights are a list created to help parents deal with safety and stress in their children. Keep reading!

Research your school

Every reopened school must ensure a safe return to classes to all students. We recommend parents investigate what preventive measures the school is applying, regarding space, personnel, and limitations. Most schools are trying dividing classrooms into smaller groups, moving classes to the outdoors, and putting signs to reduce crowding. Teachers and all the staff must be well-trained and informed, ensuring they could guide them into good practices during classes. Research your school actions and talk to your kids about them.

Medical checking

How are your children's medical conditions? Are they flu shots up to date? Now's the time to talk with your pediatrician and evaluate your kid's health. Although small children aren't as susceptible to the complications COVID-19 as adults are, they can also be part of the high-risk population if they have an underlying medical condition. It's better to be informed and prepared! 

Good communication

Besides discussing the preventive measures a school must follow, many psychologists and educators are pointing out mental health and emotional support issues as crucial. It's completely normal that your children, regardless of age, can be feeling fearful and anxious, especially while dealing with the loss of a family member, a sick loved one, or financial issues in their household. Experts recommend talking with anticipation and making them feel heard and confident to express their feelings without being judged or causing anxiety in their parents.

Acknowledge emotions

"Accept whatever your children are feeling and then move on to helping them learn how to cope" it's what psychologist Bruce Decker recommends regarding anxious children going back to school. It's better to teach them coping mechanisms like positive thinking and chatting with friends and family than protecting them. Let them know that what they feel is completely normal, and they can talk to you whenever they feel like.

Ask for help

The previous two points are more challenging to apply than you might think. It's recommended that you ask psychologists, educators about personal advice to handle a delicate situation. Also, join some remote-learning communities and take part in the conversation. Learning how other parents handle their children's emotions is an excellent way to evaluate your parenting style.

Prepare for returning to home classes.

Last but not least, stay informed about the current COVID cases in your area. Schools are most likely to shut close again if the number of sick people rises in your town. Take your precautions. You can talk to your boss, spouse, and children regarding a new change of routine. Also, preserve all your notebooks, boards, and other materials from your homeschooling weeks, if they come back, of course.

Dealing with stress and fear isn't easy. We wish you the best of luck! Also, remember that we can help you with your cleaning and disinfecting chores. Book your service on eMaids of Washington DC's website.

Aug 11, 2020
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