6 Modern Cleaning Tools To Simplify Your Life

6 Modern Cleaning Tools To Simplify Your Life
6 Modern Cleaning Tools To Simplify Your Life
By: Emaids

Cleaning chores have been part of life since the beginning of time, but cleaning hardware never stops changing and evolving. Maybe your cleaning tools are working alright, but these practical modern cleaning tools can facilitate your household chores. Read on, and feel free to add them to your wishlist!

1. Eraser sponges

Also called magic erasers, easy erasers, or only melamine sponges. When the melamine foam combines with water, it works more like fine sandpaper than a regular cleaning sponge. These sponges are excellent for removing grime and stains; you can use them on walls, door handles, light switches, and other surfaces. Sometimes, they are preloaded with soap, but actually, the foam only needs water to clean. It's easy to understand why they are called "magic erasers."

2. Microfiber mop

Upgrading your traditional mop-and-bucket set can seem like a luxury, but durable microfiber mops are one of the must-haves modern cleaning tools. Microfiber removes particles and dirt more effortlessly than other fabrics, using less water and detergents overall and getting rid of the bucket. They weigh less and are wider than older mops, making them more manageable—and you can clean your floor in fewer passes.

3. Scrubbing gloves

Scrubbing gloves let you do your cleaning chores only using your hands. A pair of gloves could often be overlooked as a cleaning supply, but you will do the dishes more comfortably with them. For kitchen and bathroom chores, we recommend silicone gloves. This type of gloves replace sponges and sometimes even a scrub brush. The gloves are made entirely from silicone, making them easier to wash and won't retain humidity like a traditional sponge or cloth.

4. Vacuum robot

Smart vacuums may appear like a future technology rather than a household tool—but they are really the latter. However, if you think household chores are over once you get one, you will be disappointed. Robotic cleaners are one of the latest tools out. You need to regularly give maintenance to the brushes and empty the dust bag —without mentioning that they may get stuck. Still, a robotic vacuum can help you keep your floors clean without needing more effort from you.

5. Robotic Window Cleaner

Cleaning the windows in multiple-story homes can be a challenging task, though necessary. If you are looking for a safer window cleaning solution, check out the robotic window cleaners available on the market. Similar to smart vacuum cleaners, most window cleaners use AI technology and sensors to perform their tasks.

6. Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum is a smaller and cordless version of the traditional upright vacuum. Using this kind of vacuum cleaner is more comfortable due to its slimmer size. Nonetheless, stick vacuums are less powerful than upright vacuums, and they may fall short for your heavy-duty cleaning. We recommend getting one if you are looking for a manageable alternative to dust, small debris, and dirt. It could work great if you are trying to keep your home clean while being busy.

Next time you feel your chores need a twist, consider getting one of these helpful tools. Also, if you need a hand with your household work, eMaids of New York City is here for you. Let our experienced and professional cleaners take care of your chores. Book now!  

Feb 22, 2021
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