6 Mopping Mistakes That Will Damage Your Floor!

eMaids of Volusia County - 6 Mopping Mistakes That Will Damage Your Floor!
6 Mopping Mistakes That Will Damage Your Floor!
By: Emaids

Most mopping mistakes have no visible repercussions. That's why they often go unnoticed in the short run. However, you can't be too careful! Avoid these actions, as they can take a toll on your floor!

Learn how to mop a floor perfectly. Here are six mopping mistakes that can damage your floor!

1. Mopping your entire floor too frequently

How often should you mop the floors? The answer depends on this other question: How much traffic does your floor have? Weekly mopping should be enough for high-traffic areas of your home like the kitchen, entryway, and bathrooms. 

However, if a floor has low traffic, you can let a month pass between each cleaning!

2. Choosing the wrong cleaning product

The perfect cleaning product for some floors can be a harsh option to another type of flooring! For example, apple cider vinegar can do wonders on vinyl floors, but it could damage the finish in hardwood floors! 

Usually, a few drops of mild dish soap in hot water are enough to clean most types of floors. However, if you want to choose the safest option, check out the manufacturer's guidelines! 

3. Choosing the wrong mop

The mop you use is equally important as the cleaning product! String cotton mops are still a popular choice, but they are far from being the only option. 

Water can be a problem for many flooring materials. You should choose your mop with this in mind! Sponge mops and microfiber pad mops are better choices when the flooring materials are more easily damageable by moisture.

Look here for the best mops to use on your floors! 

4. Using excess water

As mentioned above, water can be a problem for your floor. A common mistake is thinking that wet is clean! On the contrary, when cleaning a floor, you should try to use the least amount of water possible! 

After dipping the mop in the bucket, wring it out until it's almost dry!


If you are looking for a string mop and a bucket, a built-in wringer will come in handy! Otherwise, wringing out your mop becomes nearly impossible.

5. Tackling tough stains with the mop

Tough stains will appear on your floor, and a mop isn't the best way to remove them. Many people try to clean stains by using excess water, but you can see that's a bad idea by looking at the previous point! 

Instead, you can get down to your knees and scrub the stain directly with a soft microfiber cloth. It may be a tedious process, but it's the only way to remove tough stains without risking the flooring!

6. Skipping the final rinse

Have you ever wondered why floors are still dirty after mopping? The cleaning product could be leaving a sticky residue that becomes visible after drying. 

To make sure your floor looks spotless, give it a final rinse with your mop and plain water! Wring out your mop well for the rinse too. It doesn't need to be dripping! 

Learn more cleaning tips and tricks with eMaids!

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Sep 17, 2021
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