7 Good Practices For Cleaning And Elderly Person’s Home

7 Good Practices For Cleaning And Elderly Person’s Home
By: Emaids

With the pandemic still ongoing, many people who are part of the high-risk population have to continue with their lives and maintain their routines as well as they can. Seniors often have problems cleaning their homes, and they depend on friends or relatives to do the job. Cleaning elderly homes is a job that needs special attention to several aspects. Here we share some essential tips with you, hoping that you get the job done or find a professional cleaner who can handle it.

1. Research medical background.

Some elderly persons might have a medical condition that you need to be aware of. Either to focus on disinfection because the homeowner is on cancer treatment or because Alzheimer's can lead to stressful conversations, you need to understand and pay special attention to these situations. It doesn't hurt being aware of medical emergency phone numbers and the medication schedules during your cleaning session.

2. Disinfect mobility aids and other high-touch surfaces.

During the current pandemic, disinfecting high-touch surfaces has become a familiar and practical task. Germs and viruses can stay on a surface for one to three days, and every-day objects like doorknobs, faucets, and light switches have to be disinfected. In the elderly's case, some mobility equipment like wheelchairs, grab bars, and power stand lift needs to be thoroughly sanitized to avoid infection risk.

3. Avoid using toxic cleaning products.

Harsh chemicals are not healthy for anyone, even less for those with weak immune systems and defenses. A good cleaning session for an elderly home will have many green or natural disinfectants in use and will reserve only the potent ones for the high-touch surfaces (because most natural cleaners won't kill harmful viruses like COVID-19). When you use them, make sure to eliminate any residue and odors left behind, so the homeowner takes no risk.

4. Get rid of dust and dirt.

Seniors can also suffer from respiratory issues, making dust and dirt a harmful environment for them. The best way to eliminate this mess is by using HEPA-filter vacuums to keep the floors clean and the air quality intact.

5. Handle stuff with care.

The older one gets, the more you tend to have antiques, memorabilia, and old photographs in their homes, and these valuable things are frequently very fragile. If you're deep cleaning, you have to watch out for old picture frames and brittle furniture legs. Take the extra time to dust everything, especially photographs and sentimental items. You don't know what it means to the homeowner.

6. Avoid cross-contamination.

Carrying germs and viruses from one room to another is very easy if you aren't careful. Disinfecting is a crucial task to do on an older adult’s home, especially during the current pandemic, but you have to follow strict protocols to avoid cross-contamination. First of all, wearing a facemask and gloves while cleaning is essential, also using color-code cloths will make sure you don't transport germs from other areas or even homes. Please choose a color for every room of the house and stick to it. Buy as many cloths as you need.

7. Slow down and pay attention

But most importantly, when you clean a senior home, you probably engage in a conversation with them. Usually, they stay home while the cleaning session occurs, and are often willing to talk to their visitors. Be kind and listen; you don't know how much it could mean for them.

House cleaning for seniors is a detailed job that has to be managed with care and expertise. If you want a professional job, book a service with eMaids Of Volusia County.

Sep 17, 2020
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