A Room-by-Room Cleaning Guide: Tips for Keeping Every Part of Your Home Clean

A Room-by-Room Cleaning Guide: Tips for Keeping Every Part of Your Home Clean
By: Brittany Satterfield

To ensure every space in your home is kept clean and organized, you have to be intentional about it. The way to do this is to create a cleaning schedule that will allocate cleaning time to every room. It’s easy to create one or download a free printable version online. However, it's only effective if adhered to. The more realistic your schedule is, the more likely you are to stick with it. The following room-by-room guide can help:


For most of us, this is the most frequently used space in our homes. In a household with young kids, there’s a constant flow of dirty dishes. An ideal way to handle these and keep them from piling up in the sink is to keep loading the dishwasher after every meal, if you have one, and then run it when it is full. Also, make time in the morning, after meal prep or at night to wipe down the counters. Change out your kitchen dishcloths and towels daily too. Cleaning the floor and taking the trash out are also daily tasks.

Every week, make a plan to go deeper. Launder the kitchen rags and towels that have accumulated during the week and give your floor a deeper clean with a steam mop. You can also use hot water and disinfectant. This is also an ideal time to go through your refrigerator and remove any leftovers or other food that isn't fresh. 

Monthly, take everything out of your fridge and wash the containers and shelves. Also, wash the bins and clean their enclosure. Get into your pantry too and check for expired food as you wipe down the shelves and food storage bins. Seasonally, go through your cabinets to declutter items that are no longer used or wanted.

Living and Dining Rooms

Generally another high traffic area, your dining and kitchen table should be wiped after every use. Try to tackle floors when handling the kitchen, especially in open floor plans. With young kids, you'll be picking up and putting away toys daily until they’re old enough to do so on their own.

Weekly, dust your surfaces and monthly, handle light fixtures, windows, window treatments and doors. Seasonally, as you change the decor, get into sideboards and other storage pieces to clean and declutter. Shampoo rugs at this time too.


Your bathroom may see the heaviest traffic of them all and as such, need frequent cleaning. Wipe down your bathroom sinks and counters daily, especially for shared kids bathrooms that typically have hand soap and toothpaste in/on them. Also, mop floors at least twice a week and clean toilets just as frequently. Once or twice a week, empty the trash bins, wipe down the mirrors, change out towels and use a steam mop or very hot water and disinfectant on your bathroom floors. Change out or clean the floor mats too.

Every month, do a deeper clean where you handle light fixtures, toiletry closets and windows. Dust your walls as needed as well to remove any cobwebs.


These don't get much traffic but they still need to be addressed. Ease older children into taking care of theirs by teaching them to make their beds and put clean and dirty laundry where it belongs. Do vacuum or mop the floor at least once a week, change  bedding and dust surfaces. Monthly, start at the top with ceiling fans, light fixtures and walls, followed by windows and blinds and work your way down to the bed frame and underneath. Also, take out duvet covers if you use them and clean or wash your comforters. Seasonally, clean out inserts, curtains and rugs. This is also an ideal time to declutter the closets.


You don’t have you don’t have to handle all this alone. If you live in or around Hoboken, the professional cleaning company you can trust to clean your home is eMaids. An exemplary staff of vetted, trained, bonded and insured cleaners can tackle your cleaning tasks with hourly, weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning or deep cleaning, so don’t have to be overwhelmed. Peruse the precise tasks handled with every service, noting additional ones can be added at a minimal extra fee. Also worth noting is that eMaids is always happy to accommodate requests like using green or pet-friendly cleaning products.

Conveniently book your cleaning services online and get a cost estimate based on your needs. You can easily get in touch with any questions or concerns. A resident area manager is available to handle anything that might come up during or after the cleaning.

Apr 21, 2023
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