Cleaning a Minimalist Home: Tips for Maintaining a Simple, Clean Space

Cleaning a Minimalist Home: Tips for Maintaining a Simple, Clean Space
By: Brittany Satterfield

Keeping things simple in your life can be surprisingly rewarding. When you choose to keep your home simple and pare down to the essentials, you can create an elegant aesthetic that’s easy to maintain. This kind of minimalist lifestyle can also help both your pocketbook and the environment, too!

While the easiest way to simplify your life in NYC is to let a professional maid service like eMaids do your cleaning for you, doing it yourself has its own rewards. Cleaning a minimalist home can be relatively straightforward since there are fewer items to organize and maintain. Here are some tips to help you keep your minimalist home tidy:

  1. Establish a regular cleaning routine.

    Set aside a specific time each week to give your home a thorough clean. This helps to stay on top of dirt and germs and prevent messes from building up. When you establish a routine of cleaning, you may discover that having to upkeep your household doesn’t feel like a big chore.

  2. Declutter regularly.

    One of the main attractions of choosing a minimalist style of living is to only keep what you need or love. Regularly decluttering your home helps to maintain a clean and clutter-free space. You can also research which local charities and donation centers will pick up donated items for you to make clearing out unwanted items a snap.

  3. Use multi-purpose cleaning products.

    Look for cleaning products that can be used for multiple surfaces and purposes, such as all-purpose cleaners, microfiber cloths, and vinegar. Just be certain to read all labels so you don’t damage your belongings with cleaning solutions that were not made for them.

  4. Focus on common areas.

    When cleaning your home, focus on areas that see the most traffic, like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Because these areas collect the most dirt, cleaning them will have the most impact with the least effort. It’s recommended to set aside a day or two each month to handle smaller details like wiping down baseboards or cleaning ceiling fan blades and high ledges.

  5. Use storage containers.

    Utilize storage containers and organizers to keep your seldomly used belongings tidy and out of sight. This not only makes your home look cleaner, but also makes it easier to keep it neat. Help yourself maintain your minimalist lifestyle by forcing yourself to consider each item’s place in your life before deciding to keep and store it.

  6. Keep surfaces clear.

    In a minimalist home, it's important to keep your surfaces clear of clutter. This streamlines cleaning and offers you an immediate place to work, do crafts, or set down meals, while also creating a peaceful and calming environment.

  7. Develop a habit of putting things away.

    After using an item, make a habit of immediately putting it back where it belongs. This simple act prevents clutter from accumulating and makes cleaning easier. Putting your things away as you go cuts your total work time when you decide it’s time to clean your home.


Minimalist homes are faster and easier to clean and create beautiful simplicity, highlighting the things you love and choose to keep and display, without distraction from extraneous decorations or clutter. When you don’t have the time to scrub, however, or you just want to live your best life without household chores, call eMaids!

Trained and reliable professionals bring their own cleaning supplies so you don’t have to store your own. The skilled team has everything necessary to get your home in top shape, giving you more time and space for what matters most. eMaids makes it easy, book your cleaning services online today!

Jul 19, 2023
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