The Connection Between Mindful Cleaning and Effective Organization

The Connection Between Mindful Cleaning and Effective Organization
By: Brittany Satterfield

Most of us try to put house cleaning out of our minds, but have you ever considered a mindful approach to your cleaning instead? Adopting this practice can help you achieve a more thorough clean in your home. More than that, it can help create a greater sense of peace and awareness of what’s happening around you.

Mindful cleaning also has a strong correlation to effective organization, which creates a place for all things, as well as purposeful order for your home or workspace. This both aligns with and complements the ideas behind mindful cleaning. Together, these create tidier spaces and in turn, a greater sense of calm and contentment for you.

What is Mindful Cleaning?

When you clean mindfully, you undertake your cleaning duties with both intention and awareness. You remain present at the moment, paying attention to each task and completing it both thoroughly and properly. This can help to reduce stress, increase your focus, and promote a sense of calm in the environment around you.

Some people use mindful cleaning time to connect the cleaning task at hand with changes they’d like to see in themselves. For example, as they vacuum the floor, they might think about what it would mean if they could vacuum their minds clean of bad habits or negative thoughts they would like to be rid of. They might also take this time to practice gratitude for things in their lives that might otherwise be overlooked, like solid ground to stand on, running water, indoor plumbing, or a safe home to live in.

What is Effective Organization?

Effective organization involves arranging your belongings in an efficient and systematic manner. Everything you own should have its own homing place where you can put it when it isn’t in use. The items you own that don’t have a particular place, or don’t see much use, are worth considering disposal or donation of.

This practice is an intentional means of creating order in your home. In creating an effective organizational system, you consider how every item is used, where you use it most often, and the way in which you can store it afterward.

The Connection Between Mindful Cleaning and Effective Organization

Both mindful cleaning and effective organization center around the idea of intentional actions and purposeful living. They both have the goal of creating a clean and organized environment for you to live or work in. Also, both will result in less tension as you tidy up and handle the cleaning tasks that need to be completed.

By combining mindful cleaning and effective organization, you can create a clean and organized space. An organized environment promotes a sense of calm and order, reduces stress, and makes it easier to focus and be productive. You will feel less rushed, and by extension less tense, and your home will look fantastic.

Simple Ways to Clean Mindfully

Mindful cleaning doesn’t involve any special items or rituals. Try these small mindfulness tricks next time you clean:

  • Keep your mind on the task at hand instead of thinking about what you need to do next.
  • Keep your tools handy so you aren’t pulled out of your mindful thoughts by having to search for your sponge.
  • Clean as you go throughout the day. Wipe down your counter after cooking and your bathroom sink after brushing your teeth or washing your hands.


While mindful cleaning and effective organization can help you create a calm living space, sometimes you’d rather be taking care of other tasks. On these days, or any day, call for backup from the all star team at eMaids. Let the professional cleaners handle your dirty work, book your cleaning services online!

Jul 18, 2023
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