How to Create a Cleaning Schedule: Tips for Maintaining a Tidy Home or Office

How to Create a Cleaning Schedule: Tips for Maintaining a Tidy Home or Office
By: Brittany Satterfield

Some tasks are difficult to stay up on, even with the best of intentions. This can certainly feel like the case with house cleaning sometimes; despite your intentions to keep your home or premises clean and organized, implementation somehow fails. If you have the intention of tidying your home or office, the next thing you need is well-laid plans. The following tips will help you create a workable cleaning schedule:

Divide Your House into Zones, Tackle One at a Time

Breaking the cleaning into smaller more manageable pieces by dividing it into zones can help ensure you’re cleaning every part of your house regularly. How many zones you have will depend on the size of your house. You can divide into zones like the living room and kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, other bathrooms, kid's bedrooms, and guest bedrooms. If you have large rooms, you may need to divide your home into more zones. 

Decide on the tasks you'll tackle for every zone every day or as your schedule allows. Depending on which tasks you can tackle, and the size of any given zone, you might finish cleaning a space in a day, two, or more. Do divide the tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly ones. For instance, one day you may dust a room from top to bottom, vacuum, and mop it. On a weekly basis, for bedrooms, you would change the bed linen and wash the towels. On a monthly basis, you would get into closets and drawers to organize them and perhaps declutter them seasonally. 

Keep in mind that there’ll be tasks that need to be tackled daily like the dishes and maybe a load of laundry to stay on top of it. Areas like the kitchen and living room will also need frequent vacuuming and mopping because they are high-traffic areas

Don't Forget the Outdoors

As you create your cleaning schedule, don't forget your exterior spaces. Your patio, balconies, backyard and other outdoor spaces also need cleaning and maintenance.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do Daily

Most likely, each day varies in terms of how much time you can spend on cleaning. Sometimes, emergencies can come up that make it impossible to take care of even the most basic chores. Be realistic with how much you plan to get done. Leave some days clear so you don't feel overwhelmed with cleaning. For instance, keep it the shortest time possible on weekends so you can relax. 

Get All Hands on Deck

Rope everyone in the household to lend a hand in doing chores. Little ones can match their socks as they work towards putting away their own laundry and they can take their plate to the sink when they finish eating. Older kids can make their beds, tidy up their spaces, unload or load the dishwasher and do their laundry. The key is to ease them into tasks over time.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have everything you'll need for the day's or week's tasks. Restock cleaning products before they run out and check that you have clean cleaning cloths. Aim to go into each space with everything that is needed to effectively clean it so you can avoid distractions and keep working until you’re done.

Maintain Your Cleaning Tools

Efficient cleaning tools and equipment make it easier and faster to complete a task. Clean yours when you finish so they are ready for use next time. Take the time to occasionally deep clean parts like filters on appliances and rollers on vacuum machines.

Delegate When Needed

Perhaps your work schedule or other obligations make it challenging for you to tackle cleaning every part of your home. If you need help, you can get it from the dedicated professionals at eMaids. Whether you need cleaning done hourly, bi-weekly,monthly or seasonal cleaning, these pros can help. Each job is performed by a crew who has undergone rigorous vetting and intensive in-house training before joining the team.

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Jul 17, 2023
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