Do Professional Maids Expect A Tip After Cleaning?

Do Professional Maids Expect A Tip After Cleaning?
By: Emaids

In a restaurant, most people feel compelled to throw some extra money when the dinner and attention are excellent. However, many homeowners have doubts about tipping after a cleaning service. Do maids expect a tip the same way a waiter or waitress does? 

There are no strict rules about tipping. You need to consider many things before choosing how much to tip a maid—or not tipping at all! 

Is tipping a maid really necessary? 

In a few words, tipping a maid is never mandatory. 

The only situation when your tip can make a difference is when the employee doesn't make enough money. eMaids (and every other cleaning company, hopefully) pays its cleaners enough to make a living, so there is no need for the extra cash.

However, many homeowners tip their maids. And there is nothing wrong with tipping for a well-done job. If you can spare the extra cash, the cleaners will appreciate it for sure!

Are you not sure if you should tip your maid? Check this out!

As said before, there are no rules about tipping. If you are on the fence about tipping, consider the following questions before deciding!

1. Did the cleaner deliver exceptional service?

Nowadays, the main reason for tipping is because someone gave you an excellent service. It may be a haircut, a dinner, or a taxi ride! If people are amazed by the service, they will likely tip!

2. Is a holiday around the corner?

Some people tip their maid when a holiday is around the corner—especially if you've been with the same cleaner for a long time. Companies do this with their employees, and some homeowners like to keep this custom!

3. Was your home a challenge?

When it comes to cleaning, some homes are more of a challenge than others. If you feel like your home is not a walk in the park, tipping may be a nice gesture for the effort. However, keep in mind that our maids are professional cleaners—they are ready to take the challenge! 

4. Reaching your home takes time?

Do you live outside the city? Does the cleaner have to wait in traffic to reach your home? Translation time may be part of every cleaning job. However, it is the most tedious part of it! If your home is tough to reach, a tip might brighten the cleaner's day.

5. Do you feel like tipping?

This is the most important question of them all! Tipping is a voluntary gesture, and you shouldn't feel compelled to do it so! Tip if you want to tip!

How much should you tip a maid?

We could use the same tipping etiquette as any other service—15%-20% of the service cost. However, a tip is not mandatory, and setting a number won't make much sense. Whatever amount you want to tip will be appreciated by the maid!

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Oct 11, 2021
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