Forget About Scrubbing: 4 Methods To Clean Your Shower Tiles

Forget About Scrubbing: 4 Methods To Clean Your Shower Tiles
By: Emaids

Saying that shower tiles can get dirty from taking a shower may sound weird to some people. However, it's the truth! Soap scum accumulates, the water leaves mineral buildup, and even some of the dirt you take off can stick to the tiles. 

As simple as cleaning tiles may seem, approaching this task without the right products and techniques can take a lot of effort. But don't worry; here are four scrub-free methods to clean your shower tiles!

Method #1. Steam cleaning

The most effortless way to clean shower tiles is with heat. To use this method, run the hot water for several minutes and close the shower door or curtain so steam can build up in the shower. Then, wipe the tiles with a clean cloth.

Note: Steam cleaning may not work perfectly when shower tiles are too dirty. But don't worry; steaming the tiles still works as a pre-treatment before jumping on to the following methods!

Method #2. Hydrogen peroxide

If you're looking for an eco-friendly and readily available cleaning product, hydrogen peroxide is for you! 

Make a simple cleaning solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water. Then, spray the solution over the tiles and allow it to soak the grime for thirty minutes.

All you have to do after time's up is wipe the tiles with a dry cloth (make sure to absorb all the moisture!)

Method #3. Store-bought alkaline cleaners

Alkaline cleaners might be your best ally if you have a severe issue in your shower—like mold on the grout. These heavy-duty cleaners are specially formulated to remove mold and tough grime, so they are a safe bet to solve the issue.

However, you should be aware that alkaline cleaners are more abrasive than most household solutions. So, if you decide to try an alkaline cleaner, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. 

Method #4. Oxygen bleach

Although oxygen bleach is less popular than chlorine bleach, it is an equally effective yet safer product for cleaning your shower tiles. Here's how to clean shower tiles using oxygen bleach: 

  • Grab a bucket and fill it with two gallons of warm water. 
  • Then, add three tablespoons of oxygen bleach. Apply the solution to the tiles and let it rest for fifteen minutes.
  • All you have to do after is wipe the mixture with a clean cloth. 

However, if your tiles still have stuck-on grime, there's something else you can try:

  • Make a mixture by adding a little water to the oxygen bleach until you get a paste. 
  • Then, apply the paste with a toothbrush to the stuck-on stains and let it sit for ten minutes. After the time's up, wipe the paste with a rough cloth.
  • Rinse the tiles once you're done. Now your tiles should be spotless!

How about letting the pros clean the shower tiles?

If you're struggling to keep your shower tiles clean, you might use the help of a professional cleaning team!

Why not let the professionals take over your cleaning chores? At eMaids of Washington DC, we can leave your whole house spotless. Book now.

Aug 10, 2022
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