Hack Your Mind: 9 Motivation Tips For Cleaning

eMaids of Volusia County - Hack Your Mind 9 Motivation Tips For Cleaning
Hack Your Mind: 9 Motivation Tips For Cleaning
By: Emaids

Have you wondered how to get motivated to clean your house? It's normal; most people don't look forward to cleaning their homes. Although everyone is driven by different things, getting into a cleaning mood could be easier than you think. For some, the key for motivation could be planning the whole week routine, while for others, it may be listening to music while cleaning.

To help you tackle your chores, we gather the best cleaning motivation hacks! Learn them and check out which ones work for you! 


1.  Establish a reward system

Include treats and rewards as part of your cleaning routine! Rewards are powerful motivators, even if they come from yourself.

Choose something that you like and wait to have it until you finish a chore. For example, seeing a movie after doing the dishes or buying a meal you love after cleaning the kitchen. 

Pro tip:

Write down each reward and requirement to make it official!


2.  Focus on small and specific cleaning tasks

Would you rather clean the whole kitchen or just the kitchen table? We are sure you’ll choose the table. It's easier to set your mind to a specific task and tackle it. 

Focusing on the big picture could overwhelm you and decrease your cleaning motivation.


3.  Make a cleaning schedule

A routine is a powerful tool when struggling with a lack of motivation. Break down your household duties into manageable tasks and assign them to a specific day. Following an established routine might work when it comes to chores!

Here's a quick hack:

Program the schedule into your phone's calendar!


4.  Create a cleaning checklist

As we mentioned in the previous tips, home cleaning can be broken down into small cleaning tasks. Some people can motivate themselves just by having a visual representation of those tasks, even crossing each one finished. 

It could be a checklist, a table, etc. The idea is to know your progress at a quick glance!


5.  Set a timer for cleaning

If you really don't like household work, the idea of spending a day cleaning can demotivate you. On the other hand, this might change if you set a timer and clean until it goes off. 

To make it easier:

Start with 5 minutes and increase it by 1 each day.


6.  Play your favorite music

People sometimes ask themselves: how do I stop being lazy and clean my house? You are not lazy; maybe you just don't like cleaning! And that's ok. However, you could pair a chore with something you enjoy. 

Maybe singing along to some songs? Or listening to your favorite podcast! Pairing these activities will make you look forward to cleaning chores.


7.  Invite people over

Most people would rather clean their homes than letting guests see the mess! If you are having a hard time motivating yourself for cleaning, invite people over to your house! This trick may seem a little odd, but your cleaning motivation will rise.


8.  Get a time-saving cleaning tool

Maybe you could use some help during your cleaning duties, like a robot vacuum cleaner. Nowadays, many miraculous gadgets could make your cleaning chores easier.


9.  Outsource your chores

Forget about cleaning motivation by letting professionals take care of your cleaning chores. eMaids of Volusia County has a wide variety of services—surely you'll find the perfect one for you! Get a precise estimate and book your service now!

Jul 13, 2021
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