Guide To Know If A Cleaning Company Is Trustworthy

eMaids of NYC - Guide To Know If A Cleaning Company Is Trustworthy
Guide To Know If A Cleaning Company Is Trustworthy
By: Emaids

With all the cleaning companies and independent cleaners in New York City, choosing the best for you can be a challenge. One thing for sure is that the cleaning service you hire should be trustworthy—as anyone entering your home!

We know how hard it is to tell if a professional deserves your trust, but these questions can point you in the right direction. Learn how to know if a cleaning service is reliable!

How do you know if a cleaner is trustworthy?

You should be able to trust any maid sent to your home. How do you know if a cleaner is trustworthy? When the maid is an employee of a larger business, the cleaning company should be making this assessment. 

Do they run a background check before hiring someone? Are the cleaners vetted? 

Many homeowners don't consider the selection process as something relevant to them. However, the more you know about it, the more you can trust the cleaning company's employees.

Do they have full insurance?

As in any other type of work, an accident can happen when cleaning a home. From property damage to an injury, bonding and insurance can protect you from liability and cover costs.

Every professional maid should be insured. People may assume that a company has liability insurance, but it's ok to ask! If a cleaner is trying to operate without any type of insurance, you shouldn't rely on them. 

What cleaning supplies do they use?

Cleaning supplies can be harsh chemicals. To know if a cleaning company is trustworthy, just check out what types of cleaning products they use. Are these products eco-friendly? Are they safe to use around your pets? 

If a cleaning company is trustworthy and really cares for you, they will invest in high-quality cleaning supplies. 

Eco-friendly note:

Using green cleaning products should be a priority in high-populated areas like New York City! Don't ask for less!

Do they cover all your cleaning needs?

Not every cleaning service is the same. Some regular cleaning plans might include sweeping and dusting, while others might include disinfecting. A cleaning service is only worth it if they cover your cleaning needs, and the company is being explicit about it. 


Don't assume the tasks included in a service. To avoid misunderstandings, we use checklists that contain the tasks performed in every home cleaning. Check them out here!


How much will you be paying?

A sign of a trustworthy company is clear pricing. If they cannot tell you directly how much you will pay, they might be hiding a shady fee.

It shouldn't be a problem if you ask for an estimate before hiring them. eMaids' online booking system gives you a precise estimate of how much your service will cost! You can try it with just a few clicks!


What happens if you are not happy with the services?

Even professional cleaners can forget a corner of your home. A home cleaner is reliable when they are accountable for their actions. What would the company do to amend an unhappy client?

eMaids values client's satisfaction. If a client is not 100% satisfied, the account manager will make things right in the least possible time!


How long have they been offering their services in NYC?

The first thing you should look for in a cleaning company is experience. Only the best cleaners stand the test of time. Also, experience gives professionals the tricks and knowledge to leave a home spotless.

We've been serving New York City for several years now, helping busy homeowners with their cleaning needs. Try our NYC cleaning services, and you won't be disappointed!

Jul 12, 2021
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