Halloween Canceled in Florida? Not With These Recommendations

Halloween Canceled in Florida? Not With These Recommendations
By: Emaids

People from Florida know how to celebrate Halloween; it’s home to some of the biggest Halloween theme park celebrations. This year though, due to the complications brought about by COVID, Universal Studios has announced that its Halloween Horror Nights event is off, and so is Disney’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

These celebrations are something that thousands of families from Florida look forward to, apart from the usual trick-or-treating activities, which might also be put on hold for the year. So is Halloween in Florida canceled this year? We say it doesn’t have to be!

Tips for Fun and Safe Trick-or-Treat Activities

Some local governments haven’t decided yet whether trick-or-treating will be allowed this year, but it can be done in your own home! This is one activity that we can safely enjoy if we observe proper safety guidelines. Here are some tips on how to celebrate Halloween safely and still get to enjoy trick-or-treating with the kids:


  • Look for the support of a good-quality disinfecting cleaning service before and after trick-or-treating at home, like eMaids of Brevard County. Check our website for more information on how we disinfect spaces properly. 


  • Organize a simultaneous virtual Halloween celebration with family and friends, split into smaller house parties. Invite a few select friends to a physical house party, and keep the number of guests at a minimum. Connect with the other house parties via Zoom so it feels like the gang and the kids are all together again. 


  • Require everyone to wear a mask as part of their costume — and give an award to the best one! Masks are essential in keeping everybody safe and is a great way to showcase creativity.


  • Don’t serve finger food. Have a meal with the guests before the party, but avoid serving them with food that will be touched and passed around, like popcorn or pizza.


  • Discourage children from sharing cups. Instead, label all cups with Halloween-themed stickers and labels.  


  • Leave fun hand sanitizers all around the house and encourage use after every interaction. In the spirit of Halloween, go for fun, spooky designs so the kids will enjoy cleaning their hands. 


  • This may be a challenge with kids but practice social distancing. Instead of having the kids go around to get their candy, have them leave their pumpkins on a table and have the adults fill the pumpkins there. Play games that practice social distancing, such as charades or Pictionary.


  • Despite the precautionary measures, enjoy the Halloween celebration!


Halloween 2020

Halloween this year is probably the first one we’re celebrating that has a lot of restrictions because of the COVID pandemic. We completely agree that some events have to be canceled for everybody’s safety, but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it this year. We’d like to think of Halloween this year as different — not canceled. If we adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain our home’s cleanliness, we can still celebrate Halloween 2020, and it can still be one for the books. 

Oct 16, 2020
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