Helpful Tips for New Yorkers living in small spaces, stay clean and organized.

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Helpful Tips for New Yorkers living in small spaces, stay clean and organized.
By: eMaids of NYC

Here at eMaids we understand all the difficulties that go along with living in the big city. Any true New Yorker would tell you that one of the most rewarding milestones in the life of a New Yorker is the day you sign the lease to move into your very own apartment. A true New Yorker will also tell you that to them a small studio or one bedroom apartment is more appealing to them than any large condo or two story home in the suburbs. Living in New York City is a rather humbling experience; you learn to be thankful for the little things especially when it comes to apartments.

Living, surviving and thriving as a New Yorker has a lot to do with learning how to live with a lot less. For most adopting this train of thought comes naturally for some it is a daily struggle. People that move into an apartment with way to much stuff live in a constant state of clutter and chaos. Choosing to live in such a way makes waking up for work and getting to the office on time a daily struggle. Mail gets delivered daily and never gets sorted; laundry gets cleaned, folded and stacked in several small piles dominating the living room couch. Lap tops end up on the floor and post it reminders begin to cover the refrigerator door.

 Are you living a cluttered, disorganized existence fellow New Yorker?

Here are a few helpful tips on how to make the most of your small space in this big city! Get clean and organized in a New York minute!

  1. Off Site Storage: We understand that off-site storage is not an option for everyone, but for those that can afford an extra $100 dollars a month to eliminate some of the clutter in their apartment we highly recommend it. Learn to prioritize, if its spring put your winter wardrobe and heavy down comforters and extra bedding in storage.
  2. Buy the smallest possible version of things in regards to appliances and furniture: Measure your counter tops, every room in your apartment. Don’t purchase anything that you don’t absolutely need or aren’t absolutely in love with.
  3. White, white and more white!: Buy everything in White. The color white represents, “clean”. Buy white shelves, white linens, white candles, white furniture and white curtains.
  4. Mount your TV.
  5. Buy Multifunctional furniture: Do you have a small studio? Buy a futon that can function as a couch in the daytime and fold out into a bed in the night time.
  6. Buy only what you need and purge often: Don’t hold onto things that don’t serve a purpose in your everyday life.
  7. If you have a small bathroom with little ventilation don’t buy large bath matt’s: Use quick drying, linen hand towels instead. Linen hand towels take up less room and they dry fast so there is no musty smell.
  8. Sort mail daily: and throw away the mail that is not important.
  9. Use under the bed storage:
  10. Invest in roll away surfaces: this is very helpful especially when it comes time to rearrange the apartment. Having roll away surfaces helps enables you to move things around efficiently and as frequently as you need to.
Feb 03, 2015
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