How To Clean Baseboards: Remove Those Ugly Stains Right Now!

eMaids of NYC - How To Clean Baseboards Remove Those Ugly Stains Right Now!
How To Clean Baseboards: Remove Those Ugly Stains Right Now!
By: Emaids

Baseboards should tie your walls and floor together without standing out at first sight. However, if they are dirty, you'll notice them right away; and they will make your room look messier than it is. 

But don't worry, you can solve any problem with enough soapy water, a soft cloth, and elbow grease! Learn here the best way to clean dirty baseboards—and some other tricks!

First, choose a cleaning product

Choosing the best cleaning product depends entirely on the materials you are cleaning. Usually, warm soapy water gets the job done. However, if you need more cleaning power (in other words, if the baseboards are dirty), you could use your trusted all-purpose cleaner.

Vinegar is also a popular option. It is completely safe for vinyl and most stained wood fixtures. However, not all baseboards are created equal! If you are unsure, spot-test in a small area and wait to see how it reacts! 

To clean your baseboards with soapy water:

Mix a gallon of warm water with a tablespoon of your regular liquid dish soap. Add more soap or a small amount of vinegar as you see fit.

How to clean baseboards

Cleaning baseboards is not precisely hard. However, you might need to get down on your knees and scrub at some point in the process. It might not sound appealing at all, but you'll love the results! Also, this chore is not as frequent as others—do it roughly every three months.

If you are working in a large room, work in sections. That is, tackle each section with the whole process (from dusting to drying) before moving on to the next. Follow these steps!

  1. Remove the loose dirt with your vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment. If you don't have it available, use a dry microfiber cloth.
  2. Wet a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and wring it out until it is slightly damp. Wipe the entire baseboard with it.
  3. Clean the top of the baseboard with a cotton swab dipped in the solution. Then, use it to clean the crevice between the baseboard and floor.
  4. Sink another microfiber cloth in clean, plain water. Wring out the cloth and rinse the baseboard.
  5. Use a clean towel to dry the baseboard thoroughly. Excess water could damage it!

Keep your baseboards spotless for longer

Now that your baseboards are clean, the room will seem like new! Here are some valuable tips to keep the baseboards in perfect shape for longer! 

Tip #1. Remove scuff marks and tough stains

There are no doubts about why melamine sponges are called magic erasers; they work almost like magic! They are great for removing scuff marks or tough grime from your walls and baseboards, and they just need a little water to work! 

However, be careful not to damage the surfaces! Magic erasers work more like an extra-fine sanding block than a scrubber and could be too harsh for some materials!

Tip #2. Protect the baseboards with a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets coat the fabric fibers, and they could do something similar to your baseboards. This coating works like some sort of repellent for dust! Just rub a dryer sheet throughout the baseboards right after cleaning them!

Tip #3. Get a duster with a telescopic pole.

Many homeowners neglect baseboard cleaning because it would mean hurting their knees and back! However, you could keep them dust-free with the right tool. Consider investing in a duster with a telescopic pole!

Read more cleaning tips and tricks

Usually, cleaning baseboards is part of a bigger project! Are you cleaning your entire home? These eMaids tips and tricks might come in handy! Or even better, we can help you with the chores! Learn more about our home cleaning services on this page!

Sep 17, 2021
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