How To Entertain Your Family When You’re Stuck At Home

eMaids of Kansas City - How To Entertain Your Family When You’re Stuck At Home
How To Entertain Your Family When You’re Stuck At Home
By: Emaids

The coronavirus has many being stuck at home for days and weeks, which is a brand new thing for many young people today. Maybe thirty or more years ago it was common to see whole families stuck at home due to the flu, chickenpox, measles, etc. Given the advancement of technology, education, medicine, and science you see less of the old viruses being spread among the population. However, the new coronavirus has forced a lot of people to be stuck at home. So if you’re bored, let eMaids of Kansas City give you some entertaining ideas to fill your time! 

Create an Indoor Playground/Exercise  

For an extended stay at home, it may be worth your interest to invest in an indoor gym. This complete system includes the doorway unit plus the swing, ladder, and rings. Not only will this give your kids the exercise they need but will entertain them for hours—while you sneak off to get some much-needed time for work. 

Host a Video Game Tournament 

Gather your kids of all ages (adults too), grab a controller, and turn on your favorite console. It’s time to see who will win the honor of becoming King or Queen of the Castle. Establish a new tradition by creating a single-elimination style tournament with a favorite video game. The winner gets the coveted title of king or queen for a month and gets special snacks, later curfews, etc. 

Binge on a Movie or TV Series 

Break out the bean bag chairs. Pop the popcorn! It’s time for a movie or tv series marathon. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Now is a great time to catch up on programming you’ve been itching to watch and a wonderful time to spend with your family.  

Host a Virtual Cooking Competition 

Do your kids like to get messy? Does your family like to eat? Do you want to have fun?! Then host your own virtual cooking competition at home! All you need is a camera (a cell phone with a camera is perfect), access to Wi-Fi, a patient parent(s), a fun recipe with a twist, separate workstations, and lots of fun, laughter, and weird food. 

Karaoke Night! 

It’s an All-Star studded night! Put your best dress on. Kick-it in your best jeans! It’s time for the home version of ‘Singing with the Stars.’ To get your party started, access YouTube via a computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart tv. Next, choose a song, but make sure captions are on. Finally, have a blast! 

Art Therapy 

No one likes to be sick or told they have to stay home when they’re not sick. A great way for kids to express how they feel is through art therapy. Take a large table, space, or any open area and lay out a sheet you don’t mind getting ruined and spread out all of your art supplies. Allow everyone at home to express how the situation they’re in is making them feel through drawings, colors, shapes, expressions, etc. 

Have a Pamper Party 

It’s the end of a long week. The kids are still restless, work is piling up, and tension is high. What everyone needs is a little bit of pampering. All it takes are makeshift stations for hair-washing, foot massages, back massages, and manicures. This is a nice treat for everyone that not only pampers the body but softens the heart by doing a kindness for someone else. 

Even though you’re in isolation, for however long, learn to remain open to the situation and keep your mind clear and free for rest and recovery. Drink lots of fluids—because doctors say to! Try to enjoy the diversion from everyday life by creating new adventures. Finally, teach your children that no matter what’s going on around them, home is always a normal, safe space.

Apr 15, 2020
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