Keep Coronavirus And Other Diseases Out Of Your Home With This Cleaning Guide

Keep Coronavirus And Other Diseases Out Of Your Home With This Cleaning Guide
Keep Coronavirus And Other Diseases Out Of Your Home With This Cleaning Guide
By: eMaids of NYC

The Coronavirus epidemic has left a strong impression in all the world, but, to erase the virus from our homes and minds, we must keep following the preventive cleaning measures. You already know how to protect yourself: constant handwashing, don't touch your face, cough on your inside elbow, and if you're sick, practice social distancing. But, also there are house cleaning practices the Center For Disease Control (CDC) recommends. Here at eMaids of NYC, we can apply these procedures professionally in your home. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Identify the most touched points in your home

The CDC indicates that the novel coronavirus can remain latent in surfaces for hours to a couple of days. It's essential to focus on the most touched areas in our home and keep a simple but constant cleaning routine. Generally, some of the high touch surfaces are doorknobs, table surfaces, kitchen counters, hard dining chairs, faucet and faucet knobs, toilet, light switches, and remote controls.

Clean first, then disinfect

Let's clarify the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is when you remove dirt, debris, or dust from a surface, and disinfecting is about killing pathogens. This is the ideal system to remove germs and viruses from your surfaces, especially when someone visits your home or you just arrive and touch many things from outside. 

Use bleach as a last resort

Although you can clean with good old soap and water, disinfecting becomes tricky if you go out of disinfectants like Lysol wipes, Purell spray, or hydrogen peroxide. If you can find your favorite brands in your local stores, check this helpful list of best disinfectants the EPA published on their site. Also, here's a recipe for homemade cleaning solutions using household bleach and water. Remember that bleach is a powerful disinfectant and can hurt your skin, discolor sensitive surfaces, and become dangerous if combined with other cleaning chemicals.

Disinfect your devices

Your cellphone is a device with a TOUCH-screen that you can carry anywhere you go; this transforms it into a magnet for germs and needs to be correctly cleaned and disinfected. Use disinfecting wipes to clean the screen and buttons, remove the case, and also clean the interior. Don't forget your computer's keyboard and mouse and other devices like a videogame control. If you want the details, here you can find a complete guide to clean your phone and computer devices.

Cook or disinfect vegetables, fruits, and meats

The CDC informs that disinfecting food is not always necessary. Still, if you have your doubts about the source, you can follow standard food safety like disinfecting fruit and vegetable with regular branded disinfectant or boil your meat.

Wash your clothes with warm water

This is another measure that is not always necessary, but you can apply if you feel like your clothes have been contaminated from outside germs. Separate the contaminated clothes and wash them with warm water and your regular soap.

Keep your rooms well ventilated

Keep the air flowing inside every room and let some sunlight enter. This is crucial, especially if an ill person is living with you. Fresh air and sunlight create an environment against germs and viruses, and getting rid of them becomes easier.

If you want more information about house cleaning during the coronavirus lockdown, or you want to know what cleaning measures to take when living with an ill person, read this CDC post. Also, if you wish to schedule our professional cleaning services, we can help you obtain some peace of mind with our modern equipment and effective cleaning and disinfecting products. We are taking special measures in these pandemic times, to protect the health of our clients and employees.

Apr 15, 2020
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