Kitchen Cleaning Tips While Baking During The Holiday Season

Kitchen Cleaning Tips While Baking During The Holiday Season
By: Emaids

The holiday season is almost here, and pasty is part and parcel of what you do now. But with baking and all the associated activities comes the need to clean the aftermath. No, the truth is, you don't need to clean after; instead, you can do it while you bake during this holiday season.

This on-the-go cleaning is not for everyone; you need some tips on how to do it. So, if you are looking for some kitchen hacks to make sure you are on track and cleaning as you bake, you are in the right place. Of course, if you don’t clean as you go, you will only accumulate what you need to do later. That’s procrastination, yet you don’t know what will come after the celebrations.

The best thing to do is to get rid of what you can as you bake. So, here are some quick holiday kitchen hacks to help you achieve that.

1. Plan Ahead

Christmas time is a busy time in the kitchen, and since you are determined to clean as you bake, you need to plan. You don't want to realize halfway that there is something you needed, but you don't have.

If you fail to plan, you’ll be planning to fail. Identify and list all the requirements that will make it possible for you to clean as you bake and ensure you have them in place.

Planning includes figuring out the baking method(s) and ingredients you will use this festive season.

As we think of methods, it might be easier and convenient if you place a huge piece of plastic wrap over your kitchen surfaces before you start the actual baking. What this means is that whatever you might throw on your bench, whether flour, powder sugar, melted chocolate, food coloring, or jam, doesn't matter. 

You'll have to peel off the plastic wrap when you are through with your baking, and you'll have your workbench as pristine as it was before you started your baking.

2. Use a Garbage Bowl

This is a vital item to have as you bake. When you have one, you won’t have to keep walking to the compost bin or trash can with handfuls of dough and other pastry ingredients – and maybe dropping some in the process. A garbage bowl will help you consolidate all your baking waste in one place without walking miles on end.

3. Pick Up Anything That Drops on the Floor Immediately

If you don’t pick up that strawberry immediately when it drops on the floor or rolls under the cabinet, you’ll only be postponing that action to a later time. And that is not what you want. Save on later cleanup by doing it immediately.

4. Bread maker or oven cleaning

You'll need a vacuum cleaner or a handheld vacuum cleaner for this. You hover over any crumbs that fall inside the bread maker or any toaster oven using any of these two devices. But make sure the appliance has cooled when you do this; otherwise, you might end up damaging any vacuum.

By the way, you can prevent too many crumbs from getting into your ovens by removing the tub from this appliance before turning out your freshly baked loaf.

These are simple tips from experts to help you clean your kitchen while you bake during this Christmas season. You can still get more tips from the professionals. Contact eMaids of San Jose for excellent kitchen cleaning tips and guides. This team of professional cleaners is always ready to help you make your home cleaning a breeze.

Dec 14, 2020
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