No Time? Clean Your Bathroom Mirror Fast As 1-2-3!

No Time Clean Your Bathroom Mirror Fast As 1-2-3!
No Time? Clean Your Bathroom Mirror Fast As 1-2-3!
By: Emaids

You have a busy life, either with your family or by yourself, so you have to make the most of your day, and cleaning is the last thing you want to do. Sure, you get by with a quick dusting and mopping, but at one point, you’ll notice other untended spots like your streaky mirror, showing its ugliness.

If you can’t look beyond the toothpaste splatters and have little time to spare, here’s how to clean a mirror quickly and easily.

You’ll need these:

  • White vinegar
  • Distilled water
  • An empty spray bottle
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Two clean, soft cloths

Step #1 Put together your DIY cleaning spray

Glass cleaner is readily available at most stores; however, right at home, you might have the ingredients for a solution, and it’s a little bit more fun to make these things. Just fill your spray bottle with half warm water and half white vinegar. Shake well, and just like that, your glass cleaner is ready to go!

Why white vinegar for a cleaning agent?

Vinegar is an acid, not one that melts surfaces, but strong enough to break down the layers of dirt buildup on glass quickly. When you use vinegar, it’s guaranteed you won’t worry about streaks, and you’ll enjoy a sparkling clean mirror.

Step #2 Scrub those nasty stains off!

Look at your mirror from different angles. After finding the hardest dirty spots, scrub them with a corner of the first cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Doing this first is crucial, that way you won’t spread the grime when you wipe the mirror. 

Hint: If you need to scrub stubborn buildup, use an old toothbrush to avoid scratching the glass.

Step #3 Wipe your mirror the right way

Now that your bathroom mirror is ready for cleaning, apply the right technique. Remember, this is glass, so you must never go in circular motions, so the dirt leaves instead of spreading across the mirror.

To wipe the mirror the right way, spray solution lightly and evenly directly on the glass surface and go in a quick zigzag motion using the clean rag (a microfiber cloth is best suited!). Look from the sides for any missed spots and repeat until it’s done.

There you have it, a streak-free mirror in no time!

How do I keep the mirror from fogging up?

As mentioned earlier, your mirror getting cloudy results from residue building up over time. This is natural and white vinegar will clean this every time. If your mirror isn’t dirty but has some marks like fingerprints, gently buff with vinegar on a paper towel. Maintaining your mirror doesn’t take much time either.


We know how difficult it’s to have a busy lifestyle and keep everything spotless at home. Let us give you a hand! At eMaids of NYC, we can get you a professional cleaner to free you from all those chores. Request a quote now so that at the end of a long day, you can come into a sparkling clean home!  

Feb 14, 2022
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