Still Cooking More At Home? You Need These Cleaning Hacks!

Still Cooking More At Home? You Need These Cleaning Hacks!
By: Emaids

A clean kitchen determines how you, your Kansas City family, or even your guests appreciate your meals. With the current viral menace still out there, your kitchen should be the last place where anyone can find an excuse for being ill. In any case, you are here because you want to know how to keep the kitchen clean

Keeping your kitchen clean is not hard as long as there are dependable cooking and cleaning tips available. That’s why we are here. We love the kitchen and what goes on inside there. So, here we are with our workable tips. You want to keep the cooking area clean. Here are vital kitchen cleaning tips for you.


You’ve heard about clutter. Well, it’s not the best thing to have in your kitchen where you need to get your cutlery and cookware in a twinkle of an eye. Get rid of every unnecessary thing in the kitchen. Though some of the stuff might be sentimental to you, if it doesn’t serve the purpose, get rid of it.

Any junk cluttering your counters will bog you down as you cook and serve. If you don’t have room to keep the unnecessary items, give them away, or sell them, or donate them.

Get  Rid of Sink Water Right Away

This fact might sound obvious, but you don't have to stick your hands in chilly, greasy water to unclog the drainage. That would be messy. If you do it the right way after you wash your dishes, it will be easier to wipe and clean your sink.

Clean as You Work

On a similar note, don’t procrastinate. As you cook or carry out your kitchen duties, don’t put away some tasks in the process. If you are done with the knife, clean it and put where it rightfully belongs. You won’t have to do this as part of your tidying up later.

Spills - Clean ASAP

Of course, spills are largely unavoidable in any kitchen. But you don’t have to wait until you finish cooking for you to clean the mess. If you do, you’ll only be pilling up more work for yourself. Do it when it happens – you spill, you clean. Doing so ensures you keep your kitchen clean NOW as you move along.

After the Dishes, Wipe Out the Sink

There might have been times when you left little chunks of food from your dishes on the sink after washing the dishes. Doing so might sound and even feel convenient. But if you want your kitchen to remain clean now and always, you have to change that notion.

Take about 2 minutes to dump out all the food scraps on the surfaces and scrape them off and put the scarps where they belong. This way, your sink will be ready for the next dishwashing without you having to clean the sin separately.

A Compost/trash Bowl is a Must-have

Throwing your food scraps onto the counter is not the best thing to do. Such behavior adds to your to-do chores after you are done with cooking. Instead of doing that, you can easily throw, or put, the food scarps in a dedicated compost/trash bowl.  Doing this allows you to peel your carrots, cucumber, potatoes, and so on, directly into the trash bowl to save time and effort.

Get Organized

This concept means bringing order into your kitchen. You don't have to have everything scattered everywhere. Place similar things in one spot or proximity. If you have different knives for different purposes, place them near. That way, if you want a knife now, you know where to get one and so on.

Professional Help

These might not be the only great hacks or tips for keeping a clean kitchen, but they cover the basics. But then, some times and circumstances don't allow you to do this cleaning by yourself. These are the times when you need a professional cleaning company to come to your aid.

When cooking and cleaning at home in Kansas becomes an issue, contact eMaids of Kansas City. 

Sep 18, 2020
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