Thanksgiving In Florida This Year: Ideas On How To Be Safe

Thanksgiving In Florida This Year: Ideas On How To Be Safe
By: Emaids

With Thanksgiving around the corner, people are making anxious plans in the hope of connecting with distant friends and families.

But there are some concerns.

How do my loved ones safely travel from A to B? Will they be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival? How many people can I safely accommodate, and how will I ensure the rest feel included?

Well, don’t sweat it.

Experts’ Opinions on Celebrating Thanksgiving during the Pandemic

It's common knowledge that the gathering should be small; however, experts' urge you to take an extra step. Invite only the people who share the philosophy of following the laid guidelines to curb the spread of the virus.

You're advised not to gather with people outside your household.

Michael Osterhol of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, explains: "We have far too many examples where adult children with grandchildren came home for events over the cooler months when seven or eight days later, it's clear there’s been SARS-CoV-2 transmission…”

He added, "It's happened with weddings. It's happened with funerals. It's happened with family reunions. And the holiday season is probably going to be the height of it because it's a tradition that’s almost sacred.”

Note, infected people in the asymptomatic stage can still infect others – hence the need to observe the guidelines, like maintaining a 6ft social distance.

On the other hand, the experts agree that Thanksgiving is inevitable. They consider it a boost for overwhelmed psyches in 2020 – a year that has pushed humanity to their limits. 

Crystal Watson, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says, “I can only speak for myself in saying that I am so tired and feeling very deprived of human connection in many ways. And so I understand, and I'm feeling the need to see friends and family."

Thus, the key is getting information and taking precautions.

Watson says, "I think it's a reasonable thing to do if you take precautions, but it is not going to be worth it if those precautions are ignored, and we ultimately expose especially our older relatives.”

To that end, let’s see some cool Florida Thanksgiving weekend ideas.

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving this year in the Middle of a Pandemic in Florida

With quarantining, mask-wearing, and a small or no guest list under your belt, here're some least risky ways of celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida.

Turn that Garage into a Campsite

Garages in Florida are relatively spacious and can accommodate two households while allowing for a 6ft+ social distance.

Thus, wear your sweaters and jackets and turn that garage into a campsite. Use fire pits for the whole campfire/smores/toasted marshmallows experience.

Merge your Bubbles Virtually

There’s a high chance that some of us will have someone in the family who is elderly or immune-compromised.

Thus, ensure inclusivity by celebrating Thanksgiving day virtually.

Choose menus, recipes, themes, decorations, and whatnot together via video calls.

Cook, clean, party together while following each other activities on a video call. Heck, it's ten months into the pandemic; we must have all got the hang of virtual party by now, haven't we?

Do Plan that Family Gathering Now

Learn the travel rules for your route and destination. Shorter trips may be easier to navigate compared to longer trips. Driving may be safer than flying. Regardless, do your homework now.

Plan the outdoor event now. Make sure there're enough hand washing stations, a measure in place to clean the highly-touched surfaces frequently, and a plan to ensure mask-wearing as much as possible.

When planning, appreciate the holiday is coming when the world could be experiencing the second wave of the Coronavirus.

Donate Food to the Needy

As you state how grateful you're thus far, remember to give back – especially those who need the most.

You can cook Thanksgiving-inspired dinner, pack it in disposable storage containers, and drop it off safely per the laid health guidelines.

And since you can only do too much, let eMaids of Volusia County cover your cleaning needs. We'll help you get that free time back. 

Nov 10, 2020
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