The Top Tools and Products for Efficient Cleaning and Organizing

The Top Tools and Products for Efficient Cleaning and Organizing
By: Brittany Satterfield

Professional cleaners have a secret: good tools and organization. While maids like the experienced experts at eMaids have training and knowledge on their side, they also make their jobs easier with terrific tools that can cut the workload. These tools are more than just a few scrub brushes. They include quality products and organizational helpers that allow home and office cleaners to finish cleaning tasks quickly and easily.

You can rock the house cleaning just like the pros when you stock up on the tools necessary to perform like the pros! Once you’ve armed yourself with what you need, you’ll find that your house chores go much faster. If you’re ready to learn the tools of the trade, keep reading. If you’re tired and fed up with the whole house-cleaning gig altogether, call in eMaids to free yourself from the need to scrub!

Conquer Your Carpets with a Quality Vacuum

It’s hard to call your carpet clean if your vacuum leaves half the debris behind. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and both your feet and allergies will thank you for it! Want to really level up your clean floor game? Use a robot vacuum that runs on a schedule.

Grab a Good Mop for Cleaner Floors 

Hard floors like tile, laminate, and wood need more than a vacuum cleaner. Pick up a mop that’s simple to maneuver, easy to wring out, and fast to clean up. Some mops have removable heads you can throw in your washing machine. For a maximum clean on your floors, try using a steam mop.

Microfiber Dusters Can Help Eliminate Dust 

You want a duster that traps and removes dust instead of spreading it around. While some experts swear by a cloth and dusting spray, others prefer the more ecologically sound reusable microfiber duster. As a bonus, it helps you reach dust in high places, such as refrigerator tops, doorway trim and ceiling fan blades!

Pick up a Squeegee for Easy Shower Cleaning 

You don’t have to work so hard to clean your shower if you scrape away water, soap, and germs every time you bathe. Pick up a squeegee and wipe away the grime!

Splurge on a Sponge Collection  

A collection of sponges is the unsung hero of house cleaning. While most people have a classic sponge that has a porous side and a scrubber side, other alternatives can help you clean in a whole new way. Check out sponge cloths that give you the flexibility of both a sponge and a wipe, long-lasting silicone sponges, and more.

Let Cleaning Products Work for You

Having the right cleaning products will allow you to safely accomplish more work in less time. Ensure you have a good window cleaner, an adequate product for sinks and tile, counter cleaners, toilet cleaners, and mopping solution that’s safe for your type of flooring.

A UV Flashlight is Your Secret Toilet-Cleaning Tool 

It seems strange, but a blacklight can help you find the smelly little splashes from people who don’t quite hit your toilet bowl. Plus, it’s a great way to keep odors away!

A Cleaning Caddy Can be Your Bestie 

Save time on wandering between your cleaning supply stash and the room you’re scrubbing with a caddy that holds all your cleaning tools and equipment. This is a pro tip that true house cleaning maids use daily!


If you don’t want to make a splash about a collection of cleaning supplies, no one would blame you. Skip ahead to a more fun picture, where you’re doing what you love and someone else is cleaning your house for you! Book your cleaning services with eMaids and let the pros do the work!

Jun 20, 2023
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