Where to Find Airbnb Cleaners and How to Schedule Cleanings

Where to Find Airbnb Cleaners and How to Schedule Cleanings
By: Brittany Satterfield

If you’re an Airbnb owner, you know it’s one of the best sources of passive income. If you’re thinking of getting into the business, you’ll be glad to know that you’d be making a worthwhile investment. According to statistics from Business of Apps, Airbnb generated revenue of an impressive $5.9 billion in 2021. Additionally, in the same year, 300 million bookings were made through the app.

One of the requirements for property owners is that their property is just as advertised. This is not just in terms of the photos displayed and the available amenities indicated, but also that it’s well maintained and in good condition. The Airbnb app gives owners an option to arrange for cleaning and maintenance. In turn, property owners can give their renters the option of having a cleaning service come in for an additional charge, or taking it upon themselves to clean the rental for the duration of their stay.

When your profitable Airbnb isn’t located near your neighborhood, oftentimes your dilemma as a property owner can be how you’ll ensure it’s well maintained, cleaned, and sanitized as one renter leaves and another arrives.

Maid Service to the Rescue

This important question can be easily answered with a trustworthy professional house cleaning service like eMaids. This tech-enabled cleaning company requires just a click to book a wide variety of cleaning services in your area. Services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or however often you choose. Deep cleaning services that will see your Airbnb rental property cleaned top to bottom and in every nook and cranny are also available. Vacation rental cleaning services cover the clean between renters.

Whether your Airbnb is near or not, you’ll want to hire a cleaning company you can trust and rely on. At least 45% of eMaid’s clients are referred by other happy clients, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which speaks to the quality of service and reliability. 

Trained and Experienced Cleaners

Professional eMaid service crews get the job done to the highest standards. All certified cleaners go through a rigorous vetting system including background checks and referral confirmation. Each team member is also taken through days of intensive in-house training, ensuring they know how to handle all the different surfaces in your home.

For the sake of consistency, the same cleaner handles the same houses every time. This works best since they know what’s expected and the homeowner’s confident in the work. Additionally, all eMaids are bonded and insured.

Account managers are assigned to each client. This manager is locally based and available to handle any issue that might occur. Knowing and understanding clients' needs and preferences on a personal level, they’re able to address suggestions, complaints and feedback.

English-speaking eMaids are available for your Airbnb cleaning needs upon request. Other accommodations offered are the use of eco-friendly or pet-friendly cleaning products, which can be important when it comes to vacation rentals since people have allergies and sensitivities to some of the chemicals found in standard cleaning products. 


eMaids has several locations throughout the U.S. and new locations are being added all the time. You can find out if eMaids are available in your area by visiting the website and entering your state or zip code. eMaids’ chat service allows you to get answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Choose eMaids and you can be sure your renters will always walk into a home away from home that is as clean and cozy as they expect.

Feb 01, 2023
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