Where to Find Maid Services for a New Mom

Where to Find Maid Services for a New Mom
By: Brittany Satterfield

Having a baby is a magical time in anyone’s life. It can also be one of the most difficult. That “new baby smell” people often speak so fondly of, isn’t without the unfortunate undertone of dirty diapers. Exhaustion reigns as late nights take their toll. Forget finding time to clean the house, baby nap times quickly become precious moments for new moms to shower, grab a nap themselves, or address any other number of priorities.

One of the kindest gifts you can give to a new mother is a visit from a maid service. She’ll be able to stress less and rest easier without the weight of the unclean home around her. It’s one less thing to worry about when a myriad of other matters require her attention. And if you’re a new mother yourself, a maid service is an ally that can help you and your family get through these tough early months.

What New Mothers Really Need

Baby clothes are adorable. It can be hard to fight the twinges of desire to purchase the sweet little outfits, shoes and accessories available for babies these days. However, most new mothers receive far more clothes than their baby could ever wear. These excess clothes often lay in drawers or hang on closets until eventually making their way into storage, joining the avalanche of receiving blankets, knitted booties, and layette sets that can bury new parents.

What new parents truly need is time and help. Time to catch a nap and a hot shower without a fussy baby demanding their attention. Time to wash a dozen T-shirts and onesies that are covered in formula and worse. Help with the chores that tend to pile up when your world revolves around a tiny human who relies on you for everything.

Maid services can give the gift of time to a new mother who would otherwise have to spend it house cleaning. It’s a blessing that couldn’t come at a better time.

The Myth of Doing It All

Mothers are only human. From the outside, they might look like superheroes who can handle the dishes, the laundry, the cooking, and the housework all at once, when really inside they might be feeling ill-equipped and unable to do what they used to while managing a baby and going without sleep.

The constant care and maintenance of a newborn baby is a superhuman task all its own. There should never be shame when a new mother waves the white flag and asks for help with household tasks. Fortunately, there are maids eager to rush in and handle what a new mother can’t.

Leave the cleaning to the professionals. New moms, you have enough going on.

Maids are for Dads, Too!

New fathers have a monumental task on their hands, just like mothers do. Dads step up to the challenges of parenting everyday. And just like any new mother, fathers lose sleep and find themselves run down as the late nights and constant feedings take a toll.

More importantly, both new parents deserve time to bond with their new child. These moments are fleeting and will never happen again. There’s no need to miss the wonder of a baby discovering the world because a sink or the rest of the house needs cleaning.


Babies grow up too fast. New parents should spend every moment they can with their infant. Let eMaids take care of the cleaning duties so you, or that new parent in your life, can be fully present in important parenting moments. Schedule an appointment today either for yourself, for a new parent, or anyone who needs a hand around the house!

Feb 28, 2023
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