Where to Find Hourly House Cleaners for Hire

Where to Find Hourly House Cleaners for Hire
By: Brittany Satterfield

You can approach the regular cleaning of your home in different ways, on a frequency schedule that works for you. There are, however, some housekeeping tasks that need to be addressed daily, like washing dishes and cleaning countertops. Laundry and other items throughout the different rooms in your home need to find their way back to where they belong. This can be particularly important in a household with children. Toys and childcare equipment like swings, rockers and high chairs can quickly take over a room.

Comprehensive Cleaning

When you take a deep dive and begin to realize all the cleaning that you do regularly in your home, you could start to feel like you’re always cleaning! Your weekly clean might involve tasks like changing bed linens, cleaning floors and vacuuming carpets. There is also the deep cleaning that should ideally be done every month. This typically aims to cover a space from top to bottom. Deep cleaning services might also be required if your home has been unoccupied for a while. This extensive service might includes tasks like:

  • Cleaning windows, their frames and ledges
  • Dusting tops of dressers, bedside tables and other surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves and storage bins
  • Cleaning cabinets in bathrooms
  • Moving appliances to clean behind, between, and underneath them

Finally, seasonal cleaning does an even deeper clean, involving maintenance like:

  • Taking down and cleaning window treatments
  • Cleaning and vacuuming large items like sofas and mattresses
  • Washing soft furnishings like sofa cushion covers and throw blankets
  • Cleaning typically neglected areas such as basements, garages and unused bedrooms or guest rooms.

Maid Service to Your Rescue

Depending on your lifestyle, home size and obligations like work and childcare, housekeeping might be daunting. This may be especially true if you’re handling all of your household cleaning needs yourself. The friendly and professional team of highly trained and experienced house cleaning staff at eMaids is eager and available to come to your rescue, bringing you modern cleaning services with a personal touch

Cleaning services for your home can be structured to suit your needs. Typically, most people manage their own day-to-day household cleaning, but need help with the more detailed chores of weekly, monthly and/or seasonal cleaning. Depending on the size of your home or commercial building, the proper team of maids can be allocated to handle your cleaning service request within a given period of time.

With larger homes, this could be done over several hours by a crew of two or three. This is particularly true for monthly and seasonal cleaning. You may also be inclined at this time to have cleaning specialists come in and steam clean your carpeting and/or clean your sofas, or other upholstery like ottomans, chairs, chaises, and headboards.

What Makes eMaids the Preferred Choice

Before maids are assigned to clean your space, they need to be sure they can perform the job professionally. eMaids guarantees their cleaning team can, as they’ve all been through an intensive five-day in-house training where maids are taught the proper products and particular techniques for cleaning all of your different surfaces.

Before maids undergo training though, qualified candidates first withstand rigorous vetting. Employee backgrounds are checked and experience and references confirmed. 

Product Preference

A fully equipped maid service comes ready to clean with the right products for your various surfaces and finishes. However, if you prefer a particular brand you’re committed to and only want those cleaning products to be used, it should be communicated to your house cleaner so that may be abided by. If you or someone in your household has allergies, or you have pets and prefer that only eco-friendly cleaning products are used, a reputable and reliable cleaning service will go with that.


If you’re looking for a homeclean you can trust at an hourly rate you can afford, look to eMaids. Every client has an account manager assigned to them when services are requested. This manager is located in the vicinity, for easy communication and supervision of your job. 

eMaids has several locations across the country. Find the franchise nearest you by keying in your zip code. Then, easily order the hourly cleaning service you need online. Available to address questions or concerns via chat, phone, or email, eMaids is glad to cut hours of cleaning out of your schedule, leaving you time to do what you enjoy most.. 

Feb 28, 2023
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