Where to Find Maid Services for Your Post Party Pick Up

maids cleaning after a party in a home
Where to Find Maid Services for Your Post Party Pick Up
By: Brittany Satterfield

Whether you’re hosting holidays, birthdays, graduations, engagements, or the Super Bowl, the post party pick up in your home is not work many look forward to. Unfortunately, it can’t be skipped. However, instead of taking on the tasks of cleaning yourself, you may want to consider maid services for a comprehensive clean. This quick read offers some easy ways to find one: 


The easiest and most reliable way to find maid services is through referrals. If you’re planning a party, ask friends, relatives, or coworkers who they’ve used for house cleaning services. Inquire about prices, the time it took the service to complete the cleaning, the range of services available, and how they resolved any problems.

The best thing about referrals is that you get relevant leads. Even if you don’t find a good recommendation, you may get to know which home cleaning companies to avoid. Referrals offer you reliable reviews that can help inform your decision.

Housekeeping Lists

Other reliable sources for maid services are housekeeping lists from top home improvement publications. These include the likes of Angie’s List and The Spruce. These can be helpful if you’re looking for a national brand or live in a major city. Familiar with many maid services, these reputable lists can save you on your search time. 

There are a variety of list options to consult, and the reviews are credible. Further, you can get an overview of cleaning services, helping you narrow down your shortlist.

Better Business Bureau

You can always look at your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) as your guide to honest and trustworthy cleaning services for your home. This well known organization provides addresses and website information to help you know the businesses you’re considering. The biggest advantage of BBB is the quality of the accreditation.

Businesses that get listed here undergo thorough vetting and an in-depth look at their history of handling issues with clients.

Provided here are several housecleaning options to choose from, which are all credible, and the contact information to reach them. Further, BBB businesses value their credibility, focusing on excellent service delivery and prompt resolution of any issues.

Maid Apps

Maid service mobile apps can help in finding house cleaning services. These come with the advantage of connecting you to a maid service nearby. They also vet everyone registering with them, and often provide a way to read reviews from previous clients.

These apps can also be handy because they allow you to customize your cleaning request based on the cleaning needs of your home, and you’ll know costs upfront. 


Often the straightforward option is to simply Google for a maid service. You should, however, add the name of the city or town for local services near you.

You shouldn’t simply pick the first name that appears, but rather read the reviews and the ratings. Consider the cleaning packages offered and then create a shortlist of at least three, from which you can request a quote and interview to determine who is right.

Maid services can be crucial for your post-party pick-up since they offer convenience and expertise. A highly trained maid delivers a quality job every time, covering all the bases, sparing you time and effort. Professional house cleaners are well-equipped for the role and are likely more affordable than you might imagine.

One such reputable home cleaning service you can rely on is eMaids. In business since 2005 and with nationwide reach, each location is locally managed, and all team members are bonded and insured. Don’t inconvenience yourself with picking up after the party when you can reap the many benefits and enjoyment of excellent maid services instead. Visit eMaids today to learn more or get a quote before your next party.


Feb 08, 2023
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