Alternatives to a Thanksgiving Dinner this Year During COVID in Kansas

Alternatives to a Thanksgiving Dinner this Year During COVID in Kansas
By: Emaids

Kansas City, Thanksgiving Day is almost here. With the COVID menace on the rampage in Missouri, it’s prudent to start thinking about alternatives to a thanksgiving dinner this year.

The reason for looking for alternatives to your traditional Thanksgiving Dinner is apparent. With this virus around, your usual way of doing things during these celebrations has been thrown into disarray. You can't risk having large crowds at your place or venturing outdoors the old way that you've been so accustomed to.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to explore the available options for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner in this City.

Dinner at Home

You've heard before. Staying at home and having your fun, there might be the nest available for your thanksgiving dinner in Kansas. Of course, the number of people in attendance should be small and only include your family members and maybe, a couple of neighbors and friends.

You can still enjoy your roast turkey, turkey stuffing, green beans, gravy, dinner rolls, corn, cranberry sauce, and, yes, pumpkin pie, among other traditional delicacies, from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s highly recommended that your celebrations don’t have to be in the house.  The CDC has said s much - outdoors reduces the potential risk of exposure to COVID 19. By the way, fall foliage will go a long way in making a wonderful backdrop to your long-awaited Thanksgiving celebrations.

You can arrange to have an outdoor thanksgiving dinner where there are enough space and adequate air for all in attendance. Try hosting a small gathering of family and friends outside with chairs, tables, blankets, warm drinks, and maybe even a fire pit or an outdoor heater.

If you are hosting a more massive gathering, break up the seating arrangement into smaller units based on households to make a safer mealtime.

Suppose your group loves watching football or parades as part of the Thanksgiving tradition. In that case, you can set up a projector outside to screen the event. By all means, be creative.

Even at home, ensure all in attendance observe the recommended social distancing and wear their masks when not eating or drinking. Of course, please make arrangements to have sufficient water and soap or hand sanitizers at convenient places for the participants to wash their hands frequently.

You can decide to prepare your dinner in-house or order for the same from the many restaurants offering this service on that day.

Eateries such as the French Market, Avenues Bistro, Hereford House, Stroud's, to mention a few, will provide you with your takeaway thanksgiving dinner package.

You don't have to order from these restaurants; your favorite eatery will do just fine as long as they provide this service on Thanksgiving Day.

Virtual Dinner Party

Alternatively, you can host a virtual dinner party with family and friends. You don't have to travel.

 To visit these people this year. Host a virtual dinner over zoom, Skype, or Facebook Portal and even share recipes ahead of time with your target audience.

What's even better is that you can further spice up your virtual dinner by playing exciting games and toasting with a signature cocktail. You can even share what you are most thankful for this past year.

Maintain High Standards of Hygiene and Cleanliness

 It's essential to maintain the highest hygiene standards possible to keep COVID 19 at bay this Thanksgiving. This might not be a walk in the park, given the handful of preparations to make for the day.

Like many other people in Kansas, you might realize you need the services of a professional cleaning company to help you clean and disinfect your home before and after the celebrations. eMaids of Kansas is the professional cleaning team to trust with all your home cleaning requirements. The company has many years of experience and the right equipment and skills to give your home a thorough and effective cleaning.

Visit and contact eMaids of Kansas for high-quality professional cleaning for a safe Thanksgiving Day and dinner in Kansas City.

Nov 10, 2020
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