Home Cleaning Services: Differences Between Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning

Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning from emaids
Home Cleaning Services: Differences Between Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning
By: Emaids

When homeowners search for a professional cleaner, they run into many types of cleaning services. Although cleaning companies may offer their services with unique variants and benefits, we could always find a standard cleaning and a deep cleaning. Read this blog post to learn the differences and how you can take advantage of both services.

Deep cleaning vs. Standard cleaning

Standard or general cleaning services are the best options when hiring a company for recurring cleaning. Deep cleaning services work better for first-timers, before or after an important event, or when your home is messier than usual. Both services look similar, but they have fundamental differences.

How detailed is the service?

When you hire professionals for deep cleaning your home, they put a lot of effort into every task. Attention to detail is the main difference between deep cleaning and standard cleaning. During a deep cleaning, professionals scrub the grout, clean inside kitchen appliances, clean window frames, wipe baseboards, and dust ceiling fans. 

How long does the service take?

A busy homeowner will try to spend the less time they can on regular chores. Cleaning companies also keep their standard cleanings short and efficient. Non-essential and time-consuming tasks like cleaning the ceiling fans are only included in deep cleaning services.  Standard cleaning should last long enough to maintain your home clean. On the other hand, most cleaning companies add extra tasks (usually upon request) to their deep cleanings, turning this service into a longer and more thorough job.

How much does it cost?

Cleaning companies only perform basic tasks during standard cleaning to keep the service affordable for every client. This doesn't mean that a standard cleaning won't keep your home clean. When your home is in good condition, a quick touch-up is enough to keep it clean for your daily routine. As deep cleaning is a top-to-bottom and detailed cleaning, it can be more expensive than other services. However, this service is far from being a waste of money. On the contrary, deep cleaning your home every few weeks or months helps prevent permanent damage to your property. When deep cleaning is neglected, dirt, grime, and mold start building up—hurting your wallet in the long run. 

Why should I hire it?

Do you want to keep your home just clean, or do you wish to return it to its former glory? As we mentioned above, standard cleaning includes all the basic and quick cleaning tasks your home needs to maintain cleanliness. During a deep cleaning, the maids will give everything they have to leave your home sparkling. Deep cleaning is commonly hired for spring cleaning or before an important event. On the other hand, standard cleaning helps busy people to free themselves from the daily chores and focus on what matters the most. 

Standard cleaning and deep cleaning have unique functions. Maid companies often recommend hiring a deep cleaning before scheduling recurring services. You should deep-clean your home every third or sixth month and never let a year pass without it. However, deep cleaning your home should never replace regular cleaning. 

We know that every home is different, and that's why we try to help you choose the perfect service for you. eMaids uses a checklist disclosing every task in both our regular house cleaning and deep cleaning. Book your cleaning service now with our online system, and let us exceed your expectations!

Apr 16, 2021
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