Signs You Should Look For Before Trusting A Cleaning Company

Trusting A Cleaning Company
Signs You Should Look For Before Trusting A Cleaning Company
By: Emaids

How do you know if a professional cleaning company is reliable? Having years of experience in the cleaning business, we understand the importance of trusting a cleaner who is entering your home for the first time. You should look for these signs to know if a cleaning company is trustworthy. Don't leave it all to your gut!

Do they have a good reputation? 

Reputation is easy to know nowadays. A cleaning company builds its reputation through the years. You can notice it with every accreditation and awards a cleaning company has. Another way to know if a cleaning company is trustworthy is by getting referrals from family and friends. If most people say that a cleaning company is reliable, it's most likely true. 

Is the company registered to operate? 

A big warning sign that you should not trust a cleaner is when they operate "under the radar." Every business needs to register and get a license to do its activities. If a cleaning company is not following the legal or recommended processes, it's hard to trust the services they are offering. Health hazards while cleaning, and incorrectly applied disinfection services are some of the possible consequences.

Are cleaners employees or subcontractors?

House cleaning companies should hire and train their employees. Some cleaning companies take shortcuts by simply passing jobs to independent contractors. Few subcontractors are bonded and insured, and you can't be sure if they are up to the job because the company doesn't train them. The only way to know a cleaner is trustworthy is when the cleaning company runs a background check and vets carefully every team member.

Are their cleaners bonded and insured?

A trustworthy house cleaning service will have liability insurance and bonding. Every job has risks. Is the cleaning company ready for something that could go wrong while cleaning your home? Insurance and bonding are important because they protect you from accidental damage and theft. But also, they can prevent lawsuits in case of injury. 

Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? 

A reliable cleaning company should be ready to make amends when the client isn't happy with the service. If the cleaner skipped a task or your property was damaged, what is the company ready to do? What will the company offer you if you aren't pleased with the cleaning? Be sure to know what are the company's policies to guarantee your satisfaction.

Do they have experience in the business?

Look for a company with years of experience. A brand-new company can get the job done, but hiring a cleaning company with many years of experience and accreditations pays off. Most of the time, experience, skill, and knowledge go together. Choosing a company that has been around for some time will make you feel reassured.

Do they disclose to you the terms of their service?

To rely on a cleaning service, you'll have to find out what their policies are. Do they charge you for canceling a service? Are there hidden fees? A trustworthy cleaning company will disclose with its clients every policy that you need to know. If they are hiding something or the information is confusing, you can get an unpleasant surprise. Make sure you understand the service terms before trusting.If you are looking for trustworthy cleaners, choose eMaids of Overland Park. We are an experienced and reliable cleaning company managed locally. Know us better by visiting our FAQs section on our website. Don't wait any more time. Booking takes a few minutes!

Apr 16, 2021
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