Six Ways To Motivate Yourself To Clean Your Home

Motivate Yourself To Clean Your Home
Six Ways To Motivate Yourself To Clean Your Home
By: Emaids


Most people wouldn't do household chores if they could skip those tasks and just live in a clean home already. What a dream, isn't it? In reality, however, every move we make creates a mess, and we can't do much about it except clean. But don't worry; if you have the tools and the time, you can trick your mind into gaining extra motivation for cleaning. 

Everyone is motivated by different things, which is why a step-by-step cleaning motivation guide wouldn't work. Instead, we gather simple and effective techniques that could raise your motivation level when it's time to clean. We hope you find them helpful. Read on! 

  • Pair your chores with something you love

If you are reading this blog post, you clearly don't look forward to tackling your housework. However, you could clean your home while doing something you enjoy. Listen to an audiobook or your favorite podcast as you sweep and dust. Or make a 20-minute cleaning playlist with your favorite songs, and you'll keep cleaning until the music stops.

  • Form a cleaning team

You can make cleaning more appealing by involving more people. When possible, let your family do some chores or ask a friend to help you. If you have children at home, they can help too! Cleaning your entire house is faster with the help of other people, and you'll have more fun. However, if you don't live with other people or your family doesn't have time to clean, a robot cleaner could be your perfect housework sidekick!

  • 1-2-3-4-5 Method

This method consists of choosing five different cleaning tasks to do right away. The selection should be almost random; just name the simplest cleaning chores that came to your mind, like dusting the TV. It's essential to fulfill one task after another to get you into the cleaning mood. Using the 1-2-3-4-5 method, you can stop overthinking your cleaning routine and jump into action. 

  • Think of the worst cleaning chore

Most people have one cleaning chore they really don't enjoy. Find your least favorite task in your cleaning routine, think about it, and then do any other cleaning chore. This simple trick won't work with everyone, but if you are having a hard time starting your cleaning routine, it could change your perspective.

However, the other way around can work too! Many people find cleaning easier if they start by the kitchen because it is the most demanding room. Tackle the most exhausting chore first, and maybe you'll feel motivated after finishing it. The other tasks will be a breeze!

  • 20/10 method

The author Rachel Hoffman proposes the 20/10 method. It consists of turning cleaning into a burst of 20-minute followed by a 10-minutes break—and repeat as many times as necessary. By cleaning in short periods, you avoid the common idea of cleaning as a "marathon." The high expectations homeowners put in "marathon cleanings" could be frustrating, lowering the motivation to clean.

  • Invite people over to your home

This last resort technique is perhaps the most effective way to motivate yourself into cleaning. Invite a friend or relative to your home, and you'll notice how your cleaning motivation arises as the due date approaches. Typically, most people feel the urge to clean before having guests to their home, and you can take advantage of it.

Enjoy your cleaning chores! We are eMaids of Washington DC, an experienced cleaning company helping homeowners with their home cleaning. If you don't like cleaning at all, we can help you! Booking your cleaning service only takes a few minutes!

Apr 16, 2021
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