Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Have Your House Deep Cleaned

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Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Have Your House Deep Cleaned
By: Brittany Satterfield

The new year is a wonderful time for getting a fresh start. From thoughtful resolutions of self-improvement to uplifting yourself by bettering your surroundings, now is the time for renewal. What better way to begin the new calendar than with a deep-cleaned home?

Chilly winters alone offer plenty of compelling reasons to invest in a clean house. Whether you’re seeking better physical health or a lift in your spirits, deep cleaning your home can help give you what you’re looking for. This quick read offers a variety of reasons why now is the best time to get your home a professional clean:

Cleaning During the Cold Months Helps to Promote Good Health

It’s likely you spend more time inside during the winter, when weather can make going outside prohibitive. This means closed windows, less circulation and more time breathing in accumulating dust and mildew throughout the winter. Deep cleaning can rid your home of unhealthy germs and other factors in your home that may facilitate illness.

Air Quality Improves After a Deep Cleaning 

Regularly changing the air filter on your furnace can help with air quality, but it isn’t enough, especially during months when you’re cooped up inside. A complete cleaning of your home can eliminate the sources of contaminants in your air, including dust, dander, and pet hair.

Kill Germs and Bacteria that Linger in Your Home

Performing a routine cleaning of your home only accomplishes so much when it comes to killing germs and disinfecting surfaces. Professional home cleaners use specialized chemicals and time-tested techniques to achieve a level of cleaning that’s difficult to match.

Lift Your Spirits with a Sparkling Home

There’s no feeling quite like relaxing in a clean home, except relaxing in a sparkling home that you didn’t have to scrub to get that way. Boost your mood and lift your spirits with a deep clean that doesn't break your back or your bank. It’s a great mental boost that can last far beyond the day your home is cleaned.

Reset Your Home’s Level of Cleanliness 

By the end of the year, busy days and holiday parties have likely done a number on your home’s level of cleanliness. Why wait for spring cleaning when you can send the kids back to school and start the new year off with a home that’s been professionally scrubbed and disinfected?

Deep Cleaning Your House in the New Year is Symbolic 

There’s rich symbolism in a deep cleaning of your home for the new year. In fact, in many cultures, it represents cleaning away any negative energies and influences that might be present. It’s a lovely piece of symbolism that can give your spirits a little lift.

You Deserve a Clean Home, From Somebody Else

There is truly no better reason to have your home deep cleaned for the new year. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to take a break from cleaning. Let someone else pick up the sponge for a change while you enjoy a well-deserved day of relaxation!


Start your new year off with a deep-cleaned home and a healthier environment. eMaids is ready to bring you modern cleaning services with a personal touch, making your home sparkle with that just-moved-in shine. Book your appointment online and let the certified and background-checked professional cleaning team brighten your 2023.

Feb 19, 2023
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