What to Expect when Hiring a Cleaner for Your Home

What to Expect when Hiring a Cleaner for Your Home
By: Brittany Satterfield

Hiring a maid service can simplify your life and help alleviate some of the stress busy schedules can create. Removing the need to dedicate hours of your limited free time to scouring, scrubbing, and disinfecting your home allows you to focus elsewhere. When professionals handle the cleaning, you can prioritize and partake in the tasks you prefer.

Your first appointment with a maid service might feel intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with hiring a house cleaning service. You could be wondering if you need to do anything to prepare? If your maid service will judge you for your unkempt floors? Understanding what to expect when hiring a cleaning service for your home can help ease your mind.

Clear Expectations

No matter what house cleaning service you hire for your home, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what services are being requested and performed. Established and reputable cleaning companies, such as eMaids, typically provide a list of services detailing the various house cleaning services available to you. A good understanding of the services offered can help set realistic expectations of what will happen in your home when you book your cleaning appointment. Referring to this list can help you consider where and how deep inside your home a maid service will go, what they will see, and what you can expect will be shiny and spotless when they leave.

Anything on the complete list of house cleaning services you want omitted, should be communicated, along with anything else you think is important in achieving your desired result. Off-limits spaces or specific product preferences your maid should know about.

Do You Need to Clean for Your House Cleaners?

When hiring a reliable cleaning service, it seems standard to expect your counters and floors to be maintained, among other things. However, your maid won’t be able to do so efficiently when these or other areas in your home are covered with your belongings. 

Make sure any surfaces in need of cleaning are free from your personal clutter. This gives your house cleaner(s) easy access to everything in need of wiping or sweeping.

Will Your Housekeeping Be Judged?

When you experience the eMaid difference, you quickly learn the experienced and well trained team is here to make your life easier and your home tidier. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your housekeeping, you’re not the pro, your maid service is.

If you don’t keep cleaning products around your house, there’s no worries, your chosen cleaning company should supply their own.

Cleaners and Pets

A modern cleaning service with a personal touch, eMaids loves pets. Using pet-safe cleaning agents helps to ensure your furry friends stay healthy. Proficiency in removing pet hair helps you and the rest of your household breathe healthier, and easier.

Your pets may not know to appreciate the strangers there to clean your home. Thus, its preferred pets are put safely away in their crate, backyard, or bedroom, alleviating stress on you, your house cleaner, and your pet.

Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Hiring a cleaning service is no different than hiring any other contractor. You’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a maid service with the proper insurances, reliable ratings and rave reviews. This way, you can feel confident letting a cleaning crew into your home.

eMaids goes a step further with a stringent selection process which includes background checks. Every member of this team is trustworthy, trained.


Save time, live in a healthy and clean environment, and focus on things you love when you hire a fast, friendly and dependable house cleaning service like eMaids. Whether you’re looking for a routine clean, a deep clean, or a post construction clean, schedule your house services here, eMaids have experience you can click on!


Feb 15, 2023
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