2 Essential Methods To Clean Your Microfiber Cloths!

2 Essential Methods To Clean Your Microfiber Cloths!
By: Emaids

eMaids of Washington DC - 2 Essential Methods To Clean Your Microfiber Cloths!

Microfiber cloths seem like ordinary rags, but they are far from ordinary! Microfiber cloths became the general cleaning tool for professionals and homeowners alike. However, they need proper and constant cleaning to work at their prime! Learn how to clean microfiber cloths here!

Why is microfiber perfect for cleaning?

Microfiber is a versatile fabric composed of fine synthetic fibers. The fibers' shape and its electrostatic properties make it more absorbent than any common rag!

However, microfiber cloths need to be clean to work effectively. Otherwise, dust particles can clog the fibers and reduce their cleaning power. Besides, harsh cleaners or heat can damage the microfibers, also reducing their cleaning capabilities! 

How to clean a microfiber cloth

Washing a reusable microfiber after each cleaning is necessary to keep it working. You can use the washing machine or hand-wash the cloths with similar results, although both have their benefits and drawbacks. 

Method #1: Throw the cloths into the washing machine

The washing machine is an effective and fast way to clean many microfiber cloths at once. However, the process is dangerous for the fibers, and cross-contamination could be an issue. 

If you suspect a microfiber cloth could be contaminated with bacteria, wash it separately! 

These are the steps for washing your microfiber cloths:

  1. Shake dirty cloths well before throwing them into the washing machine to remove excess dust.
  2. Put the cloths in a separate load.
  3. Use room temperature water and only half the detergent you would use on a normal washing machine load. Make sure the detergent has no additives. Note: Never use bleach or fabric softener (we explain why below!)
  4. Dry the microfiber cloths either in air-dry or set the dryer in the no-heat setting.

What temperature should you wash microfiber cloths? Room temperature water is enough to clean your microfiber cloths. You could use warm water too. However, you should always avoid hot water, as it can damage the fibers!

Method #2: Hand-wash the microfiber cloths

Hand-washing is gentler. However, it is an arduous process! Hand-washing is especially convenient for heavily soiled or contaminated cloths.

These are the steps for hand-washing your microfibers:

  1. Shake the cloth well to dislodge excessive dust.
  2. Sink the microfiber cloth on a bucket with soapy water and rub it with your fingers to remove any dirt remaining. You can use dish soap to wash microfiber cloths if you prefer.
  3. Rinse well and let the cloth air-dry!

Microfiber cloth care: what to avoid

As we mentioned, microfibers need proper care to keep cleaning as if they were brand new. Although the service life of microfiber cloths depends on manufacturers, avoiding the following situations can make them last longer!

  1. Washing the microfiber with fabric softeners: Fabric softeners can coat the fibers in your cloth, leaving no room for dust or liquids and reducing their cleaning powers! Avoid using fabric softeners, detergent with softener additives, and dryer sheets in your microfiber cloths!
  2. Using harsh cleaners with the cloths: People tend to overuse bleach for cleaning chores, damaging the microfibers. Instead, you can wipe most surfaces using only plain water and your microfiber cloth!
  3. Exposing the microfiber to heat: Most microfiber cloths are made from polyester and nylon. In a sense, microfiber is made of plastic! Hot water can damage the fine fibers and make them less absorbent.
  4. Skipping the cloth cleaning: You should clean a microfiber cloth after using it. Trapped dust makes it less absorbent or even makes it work as fine sandpaper. If the cloth is not heavily soiled, shaking it and rinsing with plain water should be enough.

Need help with your chores?

Taking care of your cleaning tools is an essential step to keep your home spotless! If you are looking for someone to help with your cleaning chores, eMaids of Washington DC is here for you! 

Book a first-time cleaning or an appointment for recurring cleaning here! Fast and easy!

Aug 10, 2021
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