Don’t Forget About These Easy to Miss Spots to Clean

Don’t Forget About These Easy to Miss Spots to Clean
By: eMaids of NYC

You’ve just finished the all-important seasonal ritual – Spring Cleaning. Your rubber gloves are worn to the tips. You’ve exhausted several bottles of cleaner, rolls of paper towels, piles of rags, bags of trash, and loads to Goodwill – you couldn’t be prouder of yourself. However, even with the white-glove overhaul just how clean is your home? eMaids will show you the things you might forget to clean in your home.

#1 Behind the fridge

It’s easy to forget to clean behind or on top of the fridge. After all, who wants to move such a beast. While that may be true, dust accumulates over time and will cause the coils to work harder thus burning through your energy bill. So carefully pull the refrigerator away from the wall so the coils are exposed. Once a month, vacuum the coils with a wand attachment. Clean the top with soap and water and clean the grates at the bottom to maintain proper airflow.

#2 Fans

Out of sight out of mind. Just because you can’t see the fan blades doesn’t mean they aren’t loaded with dust that’s flying around every time you turn it on. A simple solution for your ceiling fans is to take a pillowcase and place it over each blade, one at a time, and wipe the dust into the case. Bathroom fans are equally to blame for being a collector of dust, mold, and allergens. Simply remove the cover and clean and dry well once a month. Lastly, don’t forget the vent above your stove. Remove and soak the screen in hot, soapy water with vinegar.

#3 Behind the stove

Like the fridge, you are wasting money and leaving a potential fire hazard in your home. Take the extra time each month to pull your stove away from the wall and clean the hoses and wires with a vacuum. Don’t forget to pull out the warming drawer you probably use to store pans and give it a good wipe down. By adding this to your regular cleaning schedule, you’ll ensure a happy and safe home.

#4 Electronics

It’s unsurprising to take for granted all the little things we touch in a day and not think how many germs we’re passing or the filth we’re leaving behind. Remote controllers are among the dirtiest items in the house and one of the most used objects. Cell phones, computers, iPads, game controllers, and more could also use a regular wipe down from antibacterial wipes. Regular care will keep down germs that cause infections.

#5 Light Switches

How many of you think about what or where you’ve been when you turn on or off a light? Most people don’t. We’re too busy to be bothered by mundane details—it’s a light switch. Consider how many people have touched the light switch, where their hands have been, and the last time they were cleaned. Gross! All you need to do is give the light switches a good scrub with a Magic Eraser or antibacterial wipes.


Your HVAC system is the lungs of your house. To ensure you maintain the purest quality of air, it’s recommended to hire a professional to clean the ventilation system. Regular maintenance will reduce the number of mold spores and allergens in the air.

#7 Knobs and handles

Perhaps the most neglected area in the home to clean are knobs and handles. Due to their frequency of use, they are germ, grime, and infection magnets. It’s important to include knobs and handles as part of your daily cleaning regime. Simply clean with disinfecting wipes to ensure cleanliness.

#8 Garbage cans

Manufacturers may claim to make the perfect, indestructible garbage bag but no one’s surprised to find a pool of liquid at the bottom of the can. However, with the fast-paced life, we lead it’s often easier to just pop in another garbage bag—mainly because we don’t notice the mess. For this reason, make your garbage can be a part of your monthly cleaning routine. To clean, fill with hot water and bleach. Vinegar also works well to deodorize.

#9 Toys

As children get older, we leave it to them to be responsible for their things. We teach them to pick up after themselves, to clean their hands, to shower, to wear clean clothes, etc., but what have we told them about disinfecting their toys? After all, toys are touched by many hands, left on the floor, put in the mouth, sneezed on, and then put away. Over time, these little playthings become germ, infection, and grime ridden monsters. Even if you don’t wipe down the toys every day, make sure to use disinfecting wipes after friends come to visit.

#10 Dishwasher

The last thing you might think needs to be cleaned is the dishwasher. However, when you remove the trap, you’ll find a nest of leftover food waiting to become moldy and full of bacteria. Hidden under the rubber seal is built-up grime and grease and should be checked regularly.

You’ve worked hard to get your home clean and decluttered. Don’t be discouraged if you missed any of the items on this list. Next time you won’t forget these things to clean. Take charge of these often-forgotten places to clean and become a home of pristine cleanliness and excellent health.

Mar 23, 2020
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