Refresh While Safely Exploring The Wide Open Spaces Near Kansas City

Refresh While Safely Exploring The Wide Open Spaces Near Kansas City
Refresh While Safely Exploring The Wide Open Spaces Near Kansas City
By: eMaids of Kansas City

It’s easy to get drawn in by the budding trees, warm sunny days, birds chirping, and springtime festivities. However, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now normal to find families redefining the way they live by bringing work, school, daycare, shopping, entertainment, and socialization home. Whether you’re overwhelmed by this new way of life or simply feeling trapped at home and looking for safe places to walk, getting out of the house (while wearing masks) will help rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Let eMaids of Kansas City help safely guide you to your next wilderness retreat. 

The Geary Lake Falls 

Located south of Junction City, Geary Lake Falls is formed by the outlet from Geary State Fishing Lake and is only active in the spring or after heavy rain. This 35 ft waterfall induces the sense of peace and tranquility with its beautiful cascading falls. The site is free to visit. To reach the falls, drive to the northeast end of the lake and park. Next walk a half-mile to the dam. If the area is crowded, maintain social distancing of 6 ft. before preceding. Then go across the dam to reach the narrow, worn path that will lead you to the top of the falls.  

Kansas Lavender Fields Tour 

Located outside of Kansas City lies six “eye-popping” lavender fields. Enjoy your time away from the city with the soothing scent of lavender. The benefits this flower offers include the reduction of anxiety, promotion of sleep, and it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate. It’s also an antifungal, an antiseptic, and aids in the regulation of diabetes. The best time to visit is during late spring to summer. When visiting the lavender fields, make sure to maintain social distancing (6 ft.), wash your hands before and after your visit, wear a mask, don’t touch your face, stay home if you feel sick, and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. 

The Elms Hotel & Spa 

If the wilderness is too much of an adventure, turn your sights to Missouri’s largest spa, the Elms. At 25,000 square feet, this luxury spa offers its guests' pet-friendly accommodations, gourmet dining, Wi-Fi, and in-room Keurig coffee and tea. The Elms Spa also includes a European lap pool, an outdoor swimming pool open year-round, a dry sauna, steam room, cold-plunge shower, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, an outdoor firepit, a 24-hour fitness center, and yoga. At The Elms, you’re guaranteed to scrub, steam, freeze, and pamper away your stress.

According to The Elms Hotel & Spa COVID Travel update “comprehensive COVID-19 guidance is in place...globally, detailing how to protect against transmission of the virus (including implementing hand sanitizer stations and frequent cleaning of high-touch areas), and procedures in case there is a suspected or confirmed case among our guests or colleagues.” If you feel sick, even slightly, stay home.

Clinton State Park 

As the weather warms you can’t help but crave the outdoors and going to the park. Clinton Reservoir is home to “white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, waterfowl, bald eagles (spring and fall) and many species of songbirds in the carefully managed habitats” according to the Kansas Office of Tourism & Travel. Here you can also enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, camping, and picnicking. What better way to break free from daily quarantine.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, “All designated swimming beaches at Kansas state parks are temporarily closed. Visitors may still enjoy the water in other areas, so long as social distancing and park regulations are observed.”

Cliff Drive 

If a day trip is what you’re looking for, then point your car towards Cliff Drive in George E. Kessler Park.  To best enjoy the historic sites, Kansas City Parks & Recreation have set these specifications: “The eastbound lane of Cliff Drive from The Paseo to Indian Mound is open to vehicles Monday-Wednesday; the westbound lane is a dedicated bike and pedestrian lane every day. The entire drive is closed to vehicular traffic from Thursday-Sunday to allow for walkers, runners, and bikers alike to use the scenic byway.” Enjoy the castle-like buildings, limestone bluffs, wild ginger, springs, waterfalls, and wildflowers on your exploration of the 4.5-mile historic drive. 

While nature may not be the cure-all answer to life’s problems, it’s a positive step towards healing the damage done by this overwhelming pandemic. Cherish each moment you spend outside. Respect your and others’ safety by wearing a mask and remember playground safety rules when venturing out into your neighborhood. Moreover, remember that during these difficult times keep your family close, breathe, allow yourself and others to feel, then breathe some more. May this list help you find freedom from solitude.

May 08, 2020
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